Wall Street: Manual counting will not change the election results very much .. The decision to eliminate a dangerous precedent!

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Baghdad Today

The Wall Street Journal, in a report published Thursday, highlighted the decision of the Iraqi judiciary on the second amendment to the law of the elections of the House of Representatives, which included the counting and counting of votes by hand, pointing out that this will open the door to the parliaments in The next election to control the results.

“A judicial ruling in Iraq allowed for an unprecedented recount of millions of votes in the wake of national elections that rejected the political establishment, but at the same time there were many allegations of fraud,” the paper said.

She explained that “the Supreme Court of Iraq, ruled that among the rights of Parliament passed a legal amendment last month, which provides a recount of all votes, amounting to nearly 12 million, which was delivered on 12 May last, elections resulted in a shocking victory for supporters of the Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. ”

“The change in votes is not expected to lead to a major change in the election results, but it will raise further uncertainty about when Sadr and his allies can form a new government and start addressing the country’s long-standing problems,” she said.

“Sadr, who does not aspire to be prime minister, promised to tackle the rampant corruption in the government, and he must start recognizing the postwar reconstruction effort with an advocacy organization, which will cost tens of billions of dollars,” the newspaper said.

“Under ideal conditions, the recounting process may take less than 10 days,” Iraqi Election Commission member Saeed Kakai said, while other Iraqi politicians said, “The effort may take longer and lead to new challenges and more. Delay”.

“Sadr has already started negotiations to form a new government, at a time when the prime minister can not be chosen and the government formed until the results are ratified. His allies opposed recounting efforts as an attempt by the losers to steal their victory.”

“But the current prime minister, Haidar Abadi, whose performance was weak, supported fraud complaints, saying they should be taken seriously,” the newspaper said.

“These allegations of fraud are centered around electronic counting machines that were used for the first time in these elections, most of which were directed against Sunni and Kurdish minority political parties in Iraq,” she said.

“A committee of appointed judges will oversee the recount, instead of the Iraqi Electoral Commission, which has lost its credibility on a large scale because of its handling of the elections,” the paper said.

“The Federal Supreme Court has set a dangerous precedent in supporting the recount, as this is a political issue and must be dealt with politically,” the newspaper quoted Iraqi political analyst Ali Fadlallah as saying. “The federal court decision today opens the door wide To parliaments in the next election to control the results. ”

“The recount was necessary to restore legitimacy to the electoral process, which was severely damaged by the conflict. The commissioner defended this process as largely free and fair,” said political analyst Bassem al-Awadhi.

A few days after Parliament passed the law earlier this month, a fire broke out in a warehouse in Baghdad where ballot boxes and voting equipment were stored, while authorities said it was deliberate, at a time when suspects were not mentioned, but some lawmakers said it was an attempt to destroy evidence On fraud and thwarting the recount. ”

The Federal Court, on Thursday (June 21, 2018), approved the constitutionality of all the articles of the third amendment law of the electoral law, which was legislated by the House of Representatives on the 6th of the same month, while the third article on the abolition of the votes of voters abroad and displaced and the movement of population in four provinces, In the Kurdistan region.

The coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki, promised later in the day, the adoption of the Federal Court constitutionality of the third amendment to the law of the elections of the House of Representatives, a victory for the will of the Iraqi people to the Electoral Commission, the Presidency and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, who challenged the amendment.

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, has called later, the judiciary to the commitment to neutrality in the issue of counting and sorting by hand, while demanding the government to abide by the law and not expand its powers in the event of delay counting and sorting until July 1 next.


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