Sadr calls for restraint and law-abiding by counting and counting


Journal News

Sadr’s leader, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday called for the judiciary to abide by impartiality in counting and sorting, calling for “everyone to exercise restraint and comply with the law, although he is not convinced.”

Sadr issued today a statement that included nine recommendations that also included “in the case of delayed counting and manual sorting until the first of the month of the seventh of this year, the government must abide by the law and not expand its powers and not take advantage of the constitutional vacuum, which is a risk leads to what is not praised.

He continued: “We recommend the political blocs to move forward towards the realization of serious dialogues in order to achieve the appropriate alliances that take into account the real reform,” noting that the electoral process occurred between AFCAC corrupt and we hope that the manual count is not an introduction to return them.


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