of a new international military center in Iraq , particularly the task of


A new international military center in Iraq with a special mission
 Twilight News    
 49 minutes ago

British Prime Minister Teresa Mae said her country would continue to play a leading role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), even after its departure from the European Union, while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed the continued presence of the alliance in Iraq.
“Britain has played and will play a leading role in NATO, which is important for Britain and for the whole alliance. We will continue our leading role in NATO, even after we leave the European Union,” May said at a joint news conference with NATO Secretary General in London.
Stoltenberg stressed the continued presence of NATO forces in Iraq, saying: “NATO leaders agree to increase the readiness of troops and the establishment of a new training center for troops in Iraq,” adding: “We will work to extend our work in Iraq and strengthen the fight against terrorism in cyberspace.”
Three years later, with the support of the US-led coalition, Iraq announced last December that its entire territory would be reclaimed from Dahesh’s grip, which controlled a third of the country’s territory.
The organization still maintains sleeper cells scattered throughout the country and gradually began to revert to its old style of pre-2014 guerrilla attacks.

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