Abadi: Political conflicts contributed to the destabilization of citizens’ confidence in the government

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday that the political changes contributed to turning the lack of services into crises and distrust between the citizen and the government, calling for keeping away from the cheap media and transferring facts without exaggeration.
The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that “Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi presided over a meeting with media formations in ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry to form a government media cell under a decision issued by the Council of Ministers,” noting that “Abadi stressed the need to transfer information transparently and accurately and stay away from cheap media , And the transfer of facts without exaggeration, and stressed the importance of the transfer of information that directly affect the lives of citizens, especially those related to services.
He added that “political conflicts have contributed significantly to influence public opinion and politicize the lack of services and turn them into crises that undermine citizens’ confidence in the government, through the manufacture of false news,” pointing out that “there are media feeds the citizen with news and information is wrong, False because of the absence of the role of government media. ”
The office quoted Abadi as saying that “the government is obliged to respond to the requests of true citizens, not the fabricated requests transmitted by some parties through media outlets,” calling on media formations to “work professionally in dealing with information and management and follow-up news without ignoring the factors of speed and accuracy in the transfer of facts And deliver them to the public. ”
Abadi called for “a focus on training government spokespersons in sound vocational training and forming a network of important issues, mainly electricity, water resources and various services.”


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