Source policy reveals the decision of the Federal Court on the elections

Source reveals the decision of the Federal Court on the elections
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago

Shafaq News / revealed a political source familiar with, on Wednesday, that the session of the Federal Court on Thursday will witness a declaration of revocation of parts of the latest amendment to the election law.

The source said the twilight news that “the Federal Court overturns the decisions of Parliament to cancel the votes of the outside and displaced, being unconstitutional,” noting that “it is also expected to be maintained the decision of counting and sorting by hand.”

“This will contribute to the settlement of all parties, whether winning or losing,” the source added.

The Federal Court has set a date Thursday to announce the constitutionality of appeals filed by the President of the Republic and the Independent High Electoral Commission, on the amendments of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the election law.


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