Deputies: Federal decision tomorrow is binding on all

” Do not talk ” …

Mohammed al-Baghdadi

20/06/2018 – 13:10


The head of the parliamentary legal committee, on Wednesday, that the decision to be issued by the Federal Court on the amendment of the election law, will be binding on all.

“The decisions of the Federal Court are binding and irrevocable and can not be challenged or discussed,” Mohsen al-Saadoun told Basnews. “What will be issued by the Fed on Thursday will be binding on all the political forces that are losing or winning the elections.”

The Kurdish MP, that «the Federal Court will issue its decision, after a thorough legal and lengthy study of all paragraphs of the amendment of the law, and this decision will be considered from the historic decisions of the Court».

On Thursday (21 June), the Federal Court set a date for the appeal of President Fuad Masoum and the Council of Commissioners and the Kurdistan Democratic Party to amend the election law.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives, which includes many of the deputies who failed to retain their seats, has decided to manually recount votes nationwide, and approved the amendment of the election law, and canceled the elections abroad and the special vote in the Kurdistan Region, following Abadi talk about “serious violations” during the elections, Which aroused widespread dissatisfaction.

Iraqi political forces, most of whom were unable to win the May 12 elections, demanded the cancellation of the election results and the organization of new elections, headed by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri.

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