URGENT Joint operations open investigation into what happened to security forces inside Syrian territory


Editorial Date: 2018/6/18 21:58 • 170 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Joint Operations Command announced the opening of an investigation into what happened to the security forces inside Syrian territory.
“The Joint Operations Command would like to inform public opinion and the media that our security forces, in all their formations of the army, the police and the popular crowd, are working to secure the Iraqi borders, including the Iraqi-Syrian ones,” the statement said. Air strikes or other strikes. ”
He added that “while we regret what happened to the security forces inside the Syrian territory after the bombing of its headquarters, which is located south of the Albu Kamal area, which is a forest and residential buildings, which are 1,500 kilometers from the Iraqi border within the Syrian territory We are not in contact with them and there was no coordination between our security forces and these units that were bombed or some other incident that led to the casualties there, and the Joint Operations Command welcomes any efforts by the units within the Syrian territory by confronting the terrorist gangs and removing the danger from The common border between Iraq and Syria is how much We condemn the attack on the process of these pieces. ”
The statement added that “we are following up on what happened since yesterday (17 June) for these units. We also confirmed that they did not have any contact with our forces and did not have coordination with the Joint Operations Command through the available channels. The Iraqi forces from the army, police and popular mobilization are in the western Anbar region As well as the border forces, which is charged with holding a defensive line of defense extends from the area of ​​the port of Walid border and the point of convergence of the Iraqi-Syrian border.
“The Joint Operations Command is working to coordinate through the command of the operations of the island with the popular mobilization blocks and the borders assigned to hold the border strip and does not coordinate or manage operations with the units operating west of the border inside the Syrian territory as these forces are not within the Iraqi security system.”
“By checking the position of the air strikes with the coalition forces, these forces officially denied that their spokesman had directed any air or missile strike at the aforementioned areas,” he said.
The statement stressed that “while we regret the loss of victims inside the Syrian territory and the families of martyrs and wounded, we open an investigation into the bodies responsible for causing losses of Iraqi youth and overcome the sovereignty of Iraq and Syria by crossing the border outside the constitutional and legal contexts and the policy of good neighborliness.”
He pointed out that “after contact with the deputy chairman of the popular crowd, made it clear that he did not know the statement issued by the Popular Propaganda Authority and stressed the absence of any forces from the popular crowd outside the Iraqi-Syrian border.”

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