United Nations: We have full confidence in Iraq in running the electoral process


Editorial Date: 2018/6/18 23:33 • 37 times read
The spokesman for the Secretary-General of the United Nations Stephane Dujarric, on Monday, full confidence in Iraq in the management of the electoral process.
“The Secretary-General has full confidence in Iraq’s ability to manage the electoral process in accordance with the Constitution and in conformity with the relevant laws as well as the procedures established by the institutions,” Dujarric said in response to a question on the demands of counting and counting the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections and the resolution passed by the House of Representatives. Independent in the country. ”
He added that “the United Nations will continue to provide advice and assistance to Iraq, according to the previous authorization, I mean, as you know that in every country where the elections are held, there is a special mechanism to challenge and re-counting and sorting, to ensure that the process proceeded under the Constitution and the law.”
The House of Representatives voted in its extraordinary session held on June 6, on the proposed amendment to the Third Law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 “with the aim of achieving transparency in the election results and maintain the democratic system of Iraq and protect the electoral process to ensure confidence in the integrity of the elections and fairness and The validity of the acceleration of electronic results and caused by the lack of real results and for the manual counting and counting in the whole of Iraq. ”
And appointed the Supreme Judicial Council, 18 judges to administer the offices of the Electoral Commission and supervise the process of counting and counting the results of the election under the amendment of the election law.

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