Deputy for the Kurdistan Democratic Party (Basneoz): This is what we will discuss in Baghdad after the feast

“We did not make the decision to join the alliance of Suron – Fatah after” …

Mohammed al-Baghdadi

17/06/2018 – 19:55


A representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Iraqi parliament, on Sunday, the most prominent files to be discussed by the Kurdish delegation, who will visit the capital Baghdad, after the end of the holiday.

“Our negotiations in Baghdad will focus on the constants and objectives of the Kurdistan representation and the preservation of Kurdish gains in the next government,” MP Shakhwan Abdullah told Basnews.

He added, “We will try during the visit also bring the views on the issues of disagreement between Baghdad and Erbil, with regard to the disputed areas and the need to come out with positive views to end the differences.”

Deputy Shakhwan Abdullah

“The accession of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to the alliance of (Suron-Fatah) has not been resolved to this moment,” Abdullah said. “The accession depends on the dialogues that we will conduct in Baghdad after the end of the Eid holiday.”

The official of the Electoral Foundation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Khosro Goran, revealed Friday (Basneoz), that «after the end of the holiday holiday will go a Kurdish delegation including the Democratic and national Kurds to Baghdad to discuss the formation of the largest bloc with the political forces in the capital», noting, : «We are now seeking to send a Kurdish delegation brings together all Kurdish political forces winning the elections».

The Kurdistan Democratic Party has issued the results of the Iraqi legislative elections in the Kurdistan region with 25 seats, while the Kurdish National Party was replaced by the second 18 seats.

He added the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic, that «talk about the democratic and national integration of the Kurdistan Alliance, which includes others and opening, is not accurate, we to the moment did not decide in particular, and the decision is after going to Baghdad and know the results of dialogues».

The Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan welcomed the alliance between  al-Sadr and al-Amiri and considered it  a positive but insufficient step.

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