Angelina Jolie, the government and the people of Kurdistan message face to face

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one hour ago

A spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government Sven Dziyi with the UN envoy for international refugees Angelina Jolie, the situation of displaced people and refugees in the region.

Jolie arrived in Duhok on Sunday to visit Syrian refugees and provide aid to them. After yesterday’s tour of old Mosul, where it stood on the disastrous situation of the destroyed city.

She praised the famous American actress and Goodwill Ambassador in the United Nations efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government, describing Kurdistan as a model for the hosting and protection of refugees during a press conference from Dohuk.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie is visiting Iraq for the fifth time and is her 61st field mission with the UN refugee agency since 2001.

A statement by the provincial government said Dzi and the special director of the Prime Minister’s Office had received Jolie and said his visit to Kurdistan was for a closer look at the situation of refugees and displaced persons.

He presented a summary of the situation of the current Kurdistan region, the crisis of refugees and displaced persons, humanitarian, financial and economic and its repercussions, and the impact of war on the various classes and segments, and the role played by the Peshmerga during the last four years during the war against Daqash and the humanitarian policy of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Between the regional government, UN agencies and the international community in supporting, assisting and providing services to affected civilians.

The government statement said that Jolie expressed thanks to the Kurdistan Regional Government and to the people of Kurdistan to host such a large number of refugees and assist them and valued this role for the Kurdistan Region high and reassured the Kurdistan Regional Government to continue to inform the international community about the suffering of the displaced and refugees to deliver aid to them and support the provincial government.

During the meeting, they exchanged views on means of enhancing cooperation and coordination between the KRG, the UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations in order to improve and reconstruct the lives of displaced persons and refugees before rebuilding the role and buildings.

The two sides also agreed to continue the talks for the purpose of finding advanced initiatives beyond the mere provision of material support and humanitarian assistance to the displaced and refugees, until things return to normal in their areas and return to their homes of pride and choice of them.

The province of Kurdistan 1.4 million displaced and refugees from inside Iraq and Syria, where 97% of Syrian refugees are in the province of Kurdistan, and 37% of them in nine camps and others distributed in cities and towns, and 40% of the displaced Iraqis in the province of Kurdistan, % Of them in cities and the rest live in 30 camps.



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