Al-Issawi: Parliament completed its previous failures in the election crisis

Release date: 2018/6/17 21:16 • 77 times read

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A member of the Political Bureau of the National Wisdom Movement, Abbas al-Issawi, the House of Representatives, responsible for the current election crisis.

Al-Issawi said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “The Iraqi parliament has completed its previous failures by entering the country with a real crisis and this records them.”

“The losers had to accept the loss in a spirit of sport without trying to bring the country into a crisis,” he said, adding that “the loss of the people’s confidence in parliament is borne by you.

The House of Representatives voted in its extraordinary session held on June 6, on the proposed amendment to the Third Law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 “with the aim of achieving transparency in the election results and maintain the democratic system of Iraq and protect the electoral process to ensure confidence in the integrity of the elections and fairness and The validity of the acceleration of electronic results and caused by the lack of real results and for the manual counting and counting in the whole of Iraq. ”

And appointed the Supreme Judicial Council, 18 judges to administer the offices of the Electoral Commission and supervise the process of counting and counting the results of the election under the amendment of the election law.

The head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, said during the Eid prayer on Saturday, “The House of Representatives met with an extraordinary session open some of its members (most of those who did not win the elections), and made a third amendment to the electoral law questionable constitutional and initiated arbitrary steps and shocking and sharply biased In the required treatment and instead of the Council to contribute to finding a solution to the crisis contributed to the complexity.

He pointed out that “the judicial institution was also involved in the electoral process and removed it from its supervisory role to an executive role, which risks jeopardizing its independence and to those who resort if the government becomes a rival and party to the current conflict.

” And the credibility of the judicial institution and shake credibility without regaining confidence in the electoral process, the loss will be doubled “calling” everyone to realize that there is no sense to win and electoral loss in the event of loss of the country and the collapse of the political system and go to the constitutional vacuum and enter the dark tunnel, Winners and non – winners of the responsibility to protect democracy and the country in these sensitive circumstances “.anthy

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