Iraqi jurisprudent society announces Eid al – Fitr tomorrow

Iraqi jurisprudence complex announced tomorrow Eid al-Fitr
 Twilight News    
 15 minutes ago

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Fiqh Council announced Friday that the first day of Eid al-Fitr in the country.
The Iraqi jurisprudence complex, which is based in the Abu Hanifa mosque in Baghdad, is home to a number of Sunnis, but the Sunni Endowment represents the official body.
Most Arab and Islamic countries, including the Sunni Endowment and the Shiite Mujahedeen in Iraq, called for the investigation of Shawwal Shawwal on Thursday evening.
“The crescent of Shawwal will be born at 23:43 before midnight on Wednesday, and it will be at sunset on Thursday June 14 at 19:25, and the sun sets about 40 minutes after sunset, and it is possible to see it, Friday 15 June will be the month of Shawwal. ”
Last week, the International Astronomy Center said that “the crescent can be seen from all Muslim countries with the naked eye or using the telescope in the case of atmospheric clarity.”
Therefore, it is expected that “Friday 15 June will be the day of al-Fitr in most countries of the world,” according to the same source, who explained the details of the investigation Crescent.

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