Abadi: Law and the Constitution the only way to solve the problems of electoral violations {expanded}

History of edits:: 2018/6/14 16:47 • 138 times readable
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to follow the law and the Constitution in solving the problems of electoral violations.
Al-Abbadi said in a televised address to the Iraqi people: “As Eid al-Fitr approaches, we extend to all our dear Iraqi people the best congratulations, blessings and wishes. We ask God to accept your fasting and deeds in this holy month and to give our people safety and security. Stable and prosperous, he is a hearing healer. ”
“Once again, we face as Iraqis the challenge of preserving this country and the safety and security of its people. We are confident in passing this stage as long as we are committed to our unity and to the best interest of the private interests.”
He pointed out that “despite the young elections, violations and violations, the adoption of legal methods and the adoption of the law and the Constitution is the only way to resolve these problems and move towards the eligibility of the formation of a new parliament and the government that stems from him.”
Abadi stressed that “our people and their good forces have overcome the most difficult circumstances, and we have overcome them with our unity and the sacrifice of our people and the bravery of its sons and fighters. We have overcome the challenges of the occupation of our cities and the oppressive control of it and the stifling financial and economic crisis and the danger of dividing Iraq. And our people strong unified and stable and victorious again with the help of God Almighty. ”
He pointed out that “the real victory is our success to preserve our country and our people and the achievements made and the blood and sacrifices made dear and to strengthen the building and reconstruction and a better future for all Iraqis, and that the loss lies in being dragged behind differences and spoils and gains of factional, personal and private.”
The Prime Minister pointed out that “the duty calls upon us to adopt a unified, responsible and firm stance to protect the democratic and political process, ensure their proper functioning, preserve honesty, accept fraud, disallow manipulation of citizens’ voices and free choices, and prevent lawlessness in order to achieve illegal objectives. There is no doubt. ”
He pointed out, “From this national point of view, I call for responsible meetings to agree on the future program of the State Administration with all its institutions and authorities in the light of the Constitution and the law and the desired program to meet the aspirations of our citizens to live a decent life and protect the state and the society and establish strong foundations for peaceful coexistence and civil peace. Corruption and eliminate it and get rid of narrow sectarian quotas. ”
Abadi also called on the political blocs to hold a meeting at a high level immediately after the Eid holiday and in the place to be determined later after consultation to put our hands in the hands of some in order to protect the homeland and citizens and ensure the safety of the political process and democratic gains and agree on specific mechanisms to accelerate the formation of constitutional institutions at the best possible. Our national decision and the interests of our country and our people. ”
He concluded by saying: “A tribute to the lives of the martyrs of Iraq and to the wounded and their victimized families whom we remind at every occasion because they are the makers of victory. We salute our heroine security forces who continue the night by day and protect the borders of the country and the security of citizens.”


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