Kubic calls for urgent investigation into election violations and offers assistance


Editorial Date: 2018/6/11 23:56 • 13 times read
The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubic, called on the concerned authorities to open an urgent investigation into the violations that accompanied the parliamentary elections held on 12 May.
“In the light of recent developments, Kubic calls on the bodies responsible for the administration of elections in Iraq to promptly investigate all complaints concerning fraud and violations,” a UNAMI statement said. And to be fully transparent, which will enhance the integrity of the electoral process and the legitimacy of its results, in line with Iraq’s laws and constitution. ”
“All political actors and supporters must adhere to the causes of peace and continue to commit to resolving any electoral disputes through legal channels,” he said.
The UN official called on “all constitutional and political leaders and entities to work together in support of the procedures used to address complaints about the electoral process, in order to strengthen the electoral and political processes.”
He urged “the government, security forces and electoral management bodies to take all appropriate measures to secure electoral materials, especially in light of the recent fire incident, damaging a number of warehouses belonging to the Electoral Commission.”
He pointed out that “the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) stands ready to provide and provide more assistance and technical advice to the electoral bodies, when asked to do so.”

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