Barzani to Suleiman: We accept all the procedures of the Commission .. but the abolition of these two tranches

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one hour ago

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, on Monday, agreed to the procedures of the electoral process, with the exception of the abolition of the Peshmerga and displaced Yazidis.

Barzani met in Salahaddin on Monday with US Ambassador to Iraq Duclas Sulaiman and his accompanying delegation.

At the beginning of the meeting, congratulated the US ambassador in Iraq Barzani on the occasion of winning the list of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan in the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, stressing his role and the Kurdistan Region in the political process and post-election, and expressed his country’s desire to be strong territory to have an active role In the political process in Iraq.

The two sides also exchanged views on the political developments and the new political equations in Iraq in the post-election phase and efforts to form a government.

For his part, Barzani stressed that “the primary in the Kurdistan Region, and that must be taken into account by all parties, is to abide by the principles of partnership and harmony and balance in various areas of governance, and under these three principles must be held clear agreements on the topics and problems and the new government in Iraq “He said.

On the election process and its results, Barzani told the guest that he had a lot of observations on the performance of the Commission and the management of the electoral process and the manipulation of results and fraud, as stated that “the Kurdistan Democratic Party has no representative in the Iraqi Electoral Commission, which has been the heroes of a large number of Democratic Party And in particular the voices of displaced people in the camps and the voices of the Yazidi brothers and brothers in order to prevent the party from taking first place in the province of Nineveh, which in fact is the first.

He added that “in order to remove the doubts and integrity of the electoral process, the Kurdistan Democratic Party agreed to all procedures, whether counting votes or follow-up objections in all regions, even if it comes to the re-election,” but “the attempt to manipulate the results, and cancel the voices of the Peshmerga unacceptable Can never accept, because it oppressed the Peshmerga, who defended their country, and because all the parties owe it to them. Why should they oppress and annul their voices for a political purpose and without reason? ”

Barzani pointed out that work to eliminate the votes of the Peshmerga is a serious gesture and a resolution aimed at canceling the future and fate of Kurdistan, so we stand firmly against this unjust decision.

The Iraqi parliament decided, earlier, to oblige the Independent High Electoral Commission to re-count and count the whole of Iraq, as the parliament decided to assign nine judges to run the Electoral Commission, and voted on the abolition of Article 38 of the election law, and that the Commission is committed to re-counting and manual sorting across Iraq, Accelerate results.

Article 38 states: The counting and counting process shall be carried out using the electronic results accelerator. Political party agents shall be provided with an electronic copy of the results forms and ballot papers at each polling station.

He announced earlier the full report of the government committee set up by Prime Minister Haider Abadi for the elections, as it confirms the fraud and manipulation of the electoral process, and called for legal action to discuss the directors of the Commission.

The committee called for the cancellation of the results of the elections abroad to prove that there were “serious and deliberate violations and frauds and collusion,” in addition to canceling the voting results in the polling centers and stations for the displaced in several governorates.

According to the report, the committee called for “the manual counting and counting by not less than 5 percent for all polling stations in all governorates to conduct an audit and the intersection.”

Iraq has been the subject of controversy over suspicions of fraud in the parliamentary elections held on May 12 amid calls for cancellation of the results and the re-election.


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