A security operation to control Baghdad’s borders


Editorial Date: 2018/6/11 22:51 • 41 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) On Monday, security forces carried out a security operation in Abu Ghraib district, west of Baghdad province.
A statement from the Ministry of Defense, received the agency {Euphrates News}, “The force from the headquarters of the Sixth Division and the force of the first regiment, the 54th Infantry Brigade began the command of the division commander to inspect the area of ​​Kassar in the district of Abu Ghraib and the border separating the area of ​​Rafush, For the continuation of pre-emptive actions within the categorizer. ”
He added, “Through the operation was found a pile of hardware from the terrorist-supporting irregularities and was lifted by detachments battalion engineering field field.”
The statement added that “the commander of the division met with the order of the headquarters control Zaidan and ordered the regiments and intelligence officers, and stressed the control and protection of the border separation and full commitment to the morning and evening alarms and automatic patrolling and foot patrols and ambushes.”

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