Political circles: The largest bloc will produce 222 parliamentary seats

11/6/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif

Revealed some political circles that the agreements between the blocks will produce 222 parliamentary seats representing the Iraqi spectrum and the strength of the largest bloc that will form the government, while there will be 107 seats in the opposition during the next phase. The leader of the cluster, “will” Hussein Said Arab, said in a statement singled out “The morning”: “The understandings are still continuing between the blocks and there are no red lines between the two blocs not more,” noting that “the mass” will “has understandings with everyone without reservation and we wait for final agreements to be with the coalition, which could be the government “” The bulk of the 222-seat bloc is the largest bloc For Germany represents the Iraqi spectrum, compared to 107 seats in the opposition includes other parts of this spectrum, “adding that” the two parties will agree to vote on the three presidencies and the government. ” For his part, said the leader of the bloc “wisdom” Jassim Mohan al-Bekhati: “There is a clear understanding between wisdom and patriotism and others to establish the largest bloc that will form the government.”

“The political map has become clear and the movement is continuous from all political blocs, but there is a convergence between blocs (wisdom, national, and others) and the door is open to other entities that believe in the United Iraqi project

and the joint program.”



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