Commission: the fire of all the machines to speed up the results and verification of special Rusafa {expanded}

Date of release: 2018/6/10 23:16 • 36 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Electoral Commission announced that the fire that broke out in the warehouse in the side of Rusafa on Sunday afternoon, caused significant material losses.
The head of the Board of Commissioners, Maen al-Hitawi said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “we received the news of the burning of UNHCR’s warehouses in the Office of the elections of Rusafa Baghdad from the security authorities at exactly three o’clock this afternoon, and immediately moved to the fire with the Minister of Interior and Chairman of the Committee And the director of the Criminal Investigation Department, where control of the fire that broke out in the warehouses and not to extend it to the ballot boxes and ballot papers.
He added that “the fire included all equipment to speed up the results and electronic verification devices of the Office of the elections in Baghdad, Rusafa, and the investigation is underway through the security services to detect the circumstances of the incident.”
“The fire does not affect the results of the elections,” he said. “The results of the elections are backed up by the National Bureau and the Baghdad Election Office in addition to ballot papers in the boxes.”
He stressed that “this democratic institution, which has worked since the regime change and until now is the only institution for peaceful deliberation of the authority in Iraq and provided many martyrs of its employees in order to maintain the democratic process in the country.”
He pointed out that “the Commission today is targeted by all parties to discourage the performance of its democratic work under the law and the Constitution,” calling “all constitutional institutions in the country {Parliament, the government, the judiciary, the presidency, leaders of political blocs) to bear their historical responsibility to maintain the outputs of the electoral process To protect all UNHCR staff and provincial offices and departments and sections of the National Office, including members, the Board of Commissioners of all kinds of targeting. ”



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