of the Iraqi communist shows its position on the actions of parliament and the largest bloc

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3 minutes ago

The secretary of the Iraqi Communist Party and the winner of the alliance, “Saaron”, Raed Fahmi on Friday that his party is waiting for the opinion of the Federal Court to decide on the decisions issued by the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

“We are keen to ensure the integrity of the elections and their legitimacy, and we are keen to ensure that all procedures are carried out in accordance with the constitution and its timing,” Fahmi said in an interview with Al Arabiya television. “We are waiting for the Federal Court’s opinion on the parliamentary decisions in terms of their constitutionality and legality. , So that the Constitution is the regulator, although our view that these decisions did not comply with the Constitution and the laws, and what is important now is that there is respect for legal contexts, in order to ensure the integrity of the political process and electoral, and also to be the basis for what is coming, that A tiger sensitive political circumstances. ”

“We are keen to ensure that the electoral process is fully credible, and we are resolutely dealing with any violations or manipulation that may have been a young electoral process, but in accordance with the law of the Commission and the judiciary, which was approved at the time And the elections took place in the light of that, as we are waiting for the decisions of the Federal Court, especially that the Board of Commissioners have challenged the decision of the House of Representatives, and emphasize the need for transparency and firmness, and respect the results by everyone.

He added that “we as a bloc” Surson “and the Communist Party, we have no concerns or concern of any action if it is in accordance with the constitutional and legal contexts, but our reservation is due to the manifestations of corruption existing observers confirmed by the involvement of a political party in the forgery, The questioning of the illegality of the next parliament in the event of uncertainty of the results only through counting and manual sorting, offset by the lack of reassurance from other parties about the corrective process, which must be in accordance with the law, and the participation of observers from all political blocs, and it will take a long time, To break the score, and other concerns will emerge After the expiration of the period of parliament, which will leave a constitutional vacuum produced by the caretaker government without parliamentary oversight, all this does not enhance confidence in the institutions of the state, with the inconsistencies of the three presidencies on the interpretation of the electoral law.

He added that “with our reservation to the count and electronic sorting, will not affect the effect in total, according to the indicators, 10 to 15 parliamentary seats of all blocks, and do not believe that this effect a change in the political equation, and may be changes in the level of names of candidates within the same blocks , It must emphasize that the transparency of this matter with respect to the constitutional timing. ”

On the formation of the new federal government, Fahmy said that “the essence of the process is to respect the will of the voter, both participants in the elections or boycotters who have brought the message that the need for change, and we are careful not to be wrapped around it, and to ensure this will in the government program and the formation of the next government, We will confirm that if the approach of quotas continues, the bad conditions will continue as they are now, such as terrorism and poor services, and that this message should be adopted during all the discussions, and this is the destination of “Sason” and the Communist Party.

“The focus of the program and the political approach is the basis of the negotiations, and a coalition that is committed to the program must come out in accordance with timelines set out in terms and criteria, and participation should be broad, but not necessarily all within The government, and take into account the social diversity, and not be on the basis of quotas, and to date has not discussed the issue of naming the next prime minister.




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