Urgent documents .. Sign an agreement on the formation of the majority between the national and wisdom and wisdom


Editorial date: 2018/6/7 22:56 • 641 times read
The Alliance of Suron, the National Coalition, and the stream of national wisdom, on Thursday, an agreement on the formation of a coalition of national majority (patriarchal) post-election 2018.
Souron issued the results of the elections with 54 seats, national 21 seats, and wisdom 20 seats, the total of (95 seats) if approved by the Federal Supreme Court, the results of the elections.
The representatives of the three alliances agreed on basic principles of the alliance:
1. The national patriarchal majority.
2. Unity of Iraq, adherence to the Constitution, and the consolidation of democracy and public freedoms.
3 – The alliance resulting from the national majority is not limited to the formation of the government only, but continues to build the strategies required by the next phase of the coalition forces formed to the Alliance according to mechanisms to be determined later.
4. The majority of the national patriarchal majority is a government program that is achievable within specific time limits, including the following buildings:
a. Economic reforms, state rents, revitalization of the private sector, and investment development.
B. Decentralization.
C- Not politicize the governmental and administrative joints as well as the military establishment.
D – to confiscate arms with the state and prevent the militarization of society.
E. Reviewing the administrative system, laws and decisions inherited from the former regime within a specified time frame.
And (f) the return of displaced persons and the provision of adequate return conditions.
G – The formation of the Federal Service Council within six months from the date of the formation of the government.
5. The Government program also includes anti-corruption and corrupt mechanisms.
6. The Prime Minister shall implement the specified government program with time limits.
7 – determine the specifications of the following positions {President of the Republic, the President of the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Cab, and the positions provided for by the Constitution and not to remain proxy}.
8. Independent bodies are accredited with the ministerial cabin.
9. Ensure the independence of the judiciary and the reform of the judicial system.
10. Building regional and international relations based on common interests and non-interference in internal affairs.
11 – Legislation of the law of the Federation Council and work within two years.
12. Building the state on the basis of the principle of citizenship and equality by enacting legislation that supports this.
The House of Representatives has ratified yesterday a third amendment to the election law, and a manual counting and counting in all of Iraq and the abolition of the results of the special ballot and abroad and the appointment of nine districts to oversee the counting process and began their duties today with the freeze of the Supreme Judicial Council to consider appeals previously submitted to the results amid different positions between acceptance And the opposition of the political blocs on these procedures
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