Al-Sadr Alliance warns of entering the country a constitutional vacuum and calls for official assurances

Policy  2018/06/07 18:29  271

Baghdad today

A coalition allied with the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Thursday warned against entering the country in a constitutional vacuum after the end of the current parliament’s term on June 30.

The coalition secretariat said in a statement, Baghdad received today, a copy of it, that “from the third amendment to the election law No. 45 of 2013, approved by the Iraqi parliament on June 6, 2018 and the amendment of the law of elections in force, and the measures included, The counting and counting of the manual for all the funds across the country, or approval of the decisions of the Council of Ministers to freeze the work of the Commission and the assignment of judges to oversee the electoral process, the alliance (Saron) and based on his belief in the democratic process and the importance of consolidation on the basis of a valid constitution, Sturih, to prevent the entry of the country into a constitutional vacuum after the end of the mandate of the current parliament June 30 present, and the absence of a constitutional director who can deal with. ”

He added: “Our alliance also emphasizes the importance of preserving the votes of voters who are safe in our necks, and hope that these measures do not lead to the entry of the political process in the more complex and problematic, especially since the internal and external conditions do not work for the benefit of all, To the level of national responsibility and constitutional and legal burden on them. ”

The statement added that “on this occasion we would like to emphasize that the alliance (s) committed throughout the stages of the electoral process in the context of legal and constitutional, to ensure the proper conduct of elections,” calling on the official authorities to “make assurances to the Iraqi street, that what is happening is located in the door Natural contexts ultimately aimed at maintaining the democratic path, and there will be no negative repercussions that could raise fear of law and public order in the country. ”

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