Legal expert: Parliament’s amended election law is in force. The results will be reviewed in its entirety

Policy  2018/06/06 20:15  190  Editor: bh

Baghdad today _ Baghdad

The legal expert Tariq Harb on Wednesday that the vote of the House of Representatives on the Third Amendment Law of the Law of the elections of the Council of Representatives No. 45 of 2013, is effective unless the Federal Court decides nullification, which means reviewing the results of the parliamentary elections as a whole.

He said war in an exclusive interview (Baghdad today), “The decisions of the House of Representatives voted at it in its meeting today, is considered a window and do not need a decision to eliminate it.”

He added that “every law whether an amendment or an original law is effective if it is issued, unless the Federal Court decides to invalidate or cancel some of its paragraphs and provisions,” noting that “the Electoral Commission and the affected deputies will appeal these decisions, but did not certify that the Federal Court canceled a full law “He said.

The war, that “the parliament required the judiciary to send nine judges to oversee the counting and electronic counting and stop the work of the current Electoral Commission.”

On Wednesday (June 6, 2018), the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on the entirety of the provisions of the Third Amendment Law to the Law of the House of Representatives elections.

The provisions of the third amendment included the re-counting and manual counting of the results of the elections, and the suspension of the work of the Board of Commissioners and directors of offices in the provinces of the Commission and replace them with nine judges.

The House of Representatives has also voted to form a fact-finding committee on the elections and the violations that accompanied it.

On Tuesday (5 June 2018), the Cabinet approved the recommendations of the ministerial committee to investigate the violations that took place in the elections, which confirmed the occurrence of major violations and recommended several points, the most important of which is the cancellation of the results of the outside and the manual counting of part of the results, Preventing UNHCR officials from traveling abroad until investigations have been completed and proved not to be involved in manipulating results or fraud.

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