Iraqi parliament votes to amend the election law


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Khandan –

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted in the special session held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, Speaker of the House of Representatives and with the presence of 173 deputies on Wednesday, on the Third Amendment Law to the Law of the House of Representatives elections.

The media department of the House of Representatives said in a statement that, at the beginning of the session, Jubouri stressed that the House of Representatives aims at its extraordinary session to complete the vote on the law to amend the third election law, which comes in line with the need of the stage and circumstances and reflect the legislative will through which the Council seeks to correct the course of elections, And the parliamentary democratic system for which Iraqis paid dearly.

“In this unified parliamentary movement that meets the requirements of Iraq’s historic moment, it is not necessary to realize the right and to absolve the political process and the elections from the chaos that has reached the stage of certainty, which will lead to the establishment of the next to build a shaky, , Pointing out that “the House of Representatives and through its constitutional legislative performance, which continues until June 30, working to the last moment to complete the necessary legislation based on the need of the homeland and the citizen and the requirements of the stage to which the historical position belongs,” praising “the government decision, N measures that would correct the electoral situation and stand with the Council every national effort seeks to establish democracy and constitutional and legal justice and to prevent tampering with the future of the country Mahaulin of them to have the will to distort the will of the people. ”

Jubouri said that “the effort of the Iraqi Council of Representatives is the right step in the right direction where the political process and electoral practice will be protected from the greed of corrupt or counterfeiters who seek to reach the source of the decision by stealing the will of the people and falsifying the facts,” noting that “the House of Representatives, which carries out its national mission can not To ignore or ignore the popular and national need to stand in the face of the challenges facing the country, particularly the recent water crisis. ”

“The Council will work within the next few days and in cooperation with the government and relevant ministries to vote on any legislation paid by the government to the Council to contribute to resolving this crisis and support national efforts to negotiate the acquisition of water rights in accordance with international laws and treaties.”

The Council then voted on the formation of the Parliamentary Commission on Fact-finding on the elections, which was working on correcting the electoral process.

The Council also completed the vote on the proposed third amendment law for the elections law of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 with the aim of achieving transparency in the results of the elections, maintaining the democratic system of Iraq and protecting the electoral process by ensuring confidence in the fairness of the elections and its fairness and proving the lack of validity of the electronic results acceleration mechanism. Manual counting and sorting throughout Iraq.

The Council completed the vote on the adoption of the recommendations of the Council of Ministers to the Council of Representatives on the electoral process.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives stressed that “the amendment of the election law, which was voted on, has precedence over recommendations issued”, in advance “thanks and appreciation to the Committee formed by the Council of Representatives and charged with fact-finding and the committee set up by the Council of Ministers on the electoral process.”

It was then decided to resume the session on Saturday.

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