US awaits new Iraqi government: will determine the future of the country for decades

Twilight News

9 minutes ago

The new Iraqi government will make decisions that will determine the future of Iraq for decades, said US envoy to the United Nations Nicky Hailey.

“Iraqis have succeeded in holding national parliamentary elections, and Iraqi security forces have moved back from the area, calling for the protection of the polling stations within a few months,” Hayley said at a UN Security Council session on the situation in Iraq. In the history of Iraq. ”

“The Iraqi government has to work hard and require strong leadership, and that its country will support Iraq on its way to a more prosperous future,” she said. “It is essential that the future Iraqi government respect and promote human rights, especially after the crimes committed by a sympathetic organization. Partnership with the next government, which in turn allows to address the fight against terrorism and strengthen the independence of Iraqi institutions. ”

She pointed out that there is work before the United Nations and Iraq in accordance with the resolution of the Security Council to collect evidence of war crimes and genocide by the organization “Da’ash” terrorist, considering that this cooperation can form a model on how to achieve justice throughout Iraq.


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