UNHCR rejects the decision of the parliament to cancel part of the election results and manual sorting {expanded}

Date of release: 2018/5/31 16:03 • 164 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Electoral Commission for the elections, on Thursday, the decision of the House of Representatives to cancel part of the results of the legislative elections and the manual counting of some funds.
“The Commission will not respond to the parliament’s decision to cancel part of the results of the recent parliamentary elections and the manual counting and counting of 10 percent of the ballot boxes,” the head of the Commission, Maan al-Hitawi, told a news conference in Baghdad.
He said that the decision of the Iraqi parliament, last Monday, in this regard violates the laws in force. ”
He said that” the Commission will wait for a decision of the Federal Supreme Court in this regard, reassuring the political blocs and citizens that the results reflect the will of voters. ”
For his part, “The results of the elections were identical to what is in the ballot boxes, and therefore we declare them once again to reassure the Iraqi people and not to pay attention to those who want to turn on the electoral process,” said Riad Badran.
He explained that “our ruler is the law and the Constitution and the election law, and we have dealt with all Pariah especially with the committee formed by the Council of Ministers on complaints and appeals.”
“The Board of Commissioners, in a spirit of cooperation, transparency and respect, we have provided the Ministerial Committee with all the required information, as well as the written response to the inquiries,” Badran said.
He explained that “what is raised by 10 percent and the cancellation of the vote abroad, we say that the law is the ruling on the validity or non-validity of the decision of the House of Representatives and the extent of its commitment to the Commission, and we await the decision of the Federal Court, and we confirm our full readiness with regard to the manual counting and sorting if it was decided by Court “.
With regard to the cancellation of partial or total elections, Badran noted that “this is the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and we await its decision regarding the work of the Commission now.”
He pointed out that “the Commission after the announcement of the results and the receipt of complaints began to receive the appeals and part of those appeals turned to the judiciary body,” lauding the partners of the political process to respect the Constitution and the will of the Iraqi people, who voted and everyone to respect the election results. ”



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