The Pentagon warned Assad: Any targeting of our allies would be a bad policy


– 6/1/2018 12:16:00 AM .25 Number of readings


Khandan –

“Any attack on US forces or their allies in Syria would be a bad policy,” the Pentagon said Thursday.

This was made by a Pentagon official during the weekly press conference, in response to a talk by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad about the possibility of using force against Syria’s democratic forces.

“All the parties concerned in Syria must know that any attack on US forces or their allies will be a bad policy,” said Kenneth Mackenzie, director of the US Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He added that the military operations carried out by US forces with Syria’s democratic forces are still ongoing.

Earlier in the day, al-Assad said in an interview with Russia Today that they were open to negotiating with Syria’s democratic forces, otherwise they would use force to control areas controlled by Syria’s democratic forces.


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