A leader in Al-Fateh (Basneoz): Amending the election law will not change the current results

‘Outside elections will not be canceled’ …

Mohammed al-Baghdadi

31/05/2018 – 12:49


A leader in the alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri said on Thursday that an amendment to the parliamentary elections law, which the parliament is currently working on, will not change the results of the current elections at all.

The leader of the coalition MP Haneen Qado (Basneoz), that «the amendment of the law of the elections of the House of Representatives will not lead to practical results and change the reality of the results of the elections», indicating that «must take advantage of the mistakes that we signed in the elections, especially with regard to the elections abroad A big problem and a challenge to Iraq ».

He added that «this amendment will not change anything from the election results, and even the cancellation of the elections abroad, I do not think the House of Representatives will succeed in this», explaining that «the parliament saw a first reading of the amendment without a quorum, but the vote on the amendment needs a quorum, I do not think that will be achieved in the session to vote on amending the law ».

The Council of Representatives after the resumption of the special session headed by Salim Jubouri, on Wednesday, read the proposal of the Third Amendment Law to the Law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013.

Al-Jubouri confirmed during the session the eligibility of the House of Representatives to hold an extraordinary session in accordance with the powers granted to the presidency of the Council, noting that «the extraordinary session aimed at correcting the electoral process and the errors.

According to a statement issued by the Information Department of the Parliament, «the Council completed the first reading of the proposed amendment to the Third Law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 submitted by the Legal Committee, in view of the legal and technical violations that affected the electoral process that took place on 12/5/2018 and to protect the democratic process Which provides confidence in the integrity of the elections and fairness and to enable the Commission to conduct manual counting and sorting ».



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