Member of the victory: the first session of the new parliament will see quick decisions

Release date: 2018/5/25 22:00 • 291 times scheduled

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} A member of the alliance of victory Hussein al-Marabi to witness the first parliament session quick decisions to form the next government.

“The movement began early and this reveals the formation of the next government very quickly; to promote services,” Al-Marabi told the {Euphrates News} today, warning political blocs “of the masses to enter the green because of the loss of patience.”

“It is assumed on the converging blocs in the results and the same participants to give ministerial cabinets to the qualified and not on quotas.”

He explained that “the agreements started early and there is an intention to accelerate the formation of the government,” adding, “In the first session of the parliament will be quick decisions and agreements on the formation of the government and the choice of the next prime minister.”

He added that “the alliance victory has no red line on any block and all blocks have the same tendency to victory.”


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