Communist Party: losing parties in the elections and corrupting the targeting of our headquarters in Baghdad

Twilight News

30 minutes ago

The leader of the Communist Party Jassem al-Hilfi on Friday accused political parties he did not name of being behind the security breaches in Baghdad, the latest of which was targeting his party’s headquarters.

“The security violations are caused by the results of the elections,” Halafi told Ashqaf. “Usually after each election, the losers or the accused are corrupt by resorting to these methods,” he said.

Halafi did not rule out “an increase in security breaches during the coming period.”

An official security source and eyewitnesses reported earlier in the day that a double bombing targeted the headquarters of the Iraqi Communist Party in central Baghdad.

The sources and witnesses told Ashqaf News that the two explosive devices were being addressed in front of the headquarters of the party in the square of al-Andalus in Karrada district of central Baghdad exploded simultaneously.

The source added that the double explosion left only material damage.

For his part, said the leader of the party Jassem Hilfi in a brief statement, that two missiles targeting the headquarters of the Iraqi Communist Party in the square of Andalusia, and there are no losses.

The security center said in a statement that a homemade bomb was placed in the back garden of the Communist Party headquarters near the square of Andalusia in central Baghdad exploded without damage.

And the Iraqi Communist Party within the coalition, “Saroon” supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, which won the highest votes in Iraq in the recent legislative elections.


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