The Pentagon comment on the victory of the list «Sadr and the Communist» majority of the Iraqi parliament

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An archival portrait of Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. Archive photo

The Pentagon said that US confidence in the Iraqi army is still complete and relations between the two sides will not change despite the victory of the Sadrist movement in the last parliamentary.

The head of the Central Command of US forces in the Middle East, General Joseph Fotil, told AFP on Friday, in response to a question on the possible deterioration of relations with the Iraqi army in the event of receipt of the movement of Moqtada al-Sadr, the Prime Minister, US forces Iraq: “We have very strong relations with the Iraqi security forces .. Their soldiers like our soldiers are far from politics, they focused on the security of the elections, and I think they did a good job .. So I am not worried about our relations with the Iraqi security forces because of the elections» .

“The priority for them is to ensure the protection of their people and to improve the capabilities and professionalism of their forces,” he said.

The US general said the withdrawal of the United States from the Iranian nuclear agreement has had no impact on the ground in Iraq. “We are certainly watching closely any possible action from Iran or its allied groups in the region, but we have not seen any movement,” he said.

Sadr called for the departure of US forces after defeating the organization of “Da’ash” classified as an international terrorist, which the Iraqi government is fighting with the support of the US-led coalition.

But US Defense Secretary James Matisse said Tuesday that Washington respects the results of the Iraqi elections. “We will wait for the final results of the elections and we respect the decisions of the Iraqi people,” he said.


URGENT Official statistics of the number of seats winning lists in the elections


Date of release: 2018/5/19 3:39 • 207 times read

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Electoral Commission announced on Saturday the final results of the elections, noting that it received 1416 complaints in the results, including 33 red.

The commission said in a press conference at midnight on Saturday that the distribution of votes in Baghdad was as follows: 17 seats, 9 seats, 9 seats, 8 seats, 8 seats, 4 seats. Baghdad 4, Biyarek Al-Khair 2, Tamdun 1, Democratic Civil Alliance 1, Civil Party 1, Irada Movement 1, Competencies for Zero Change.

In Karbala, each of the Fatah and the Allawi Alliance won 3 seats each, followed by the victory coalition and the coalition of law with two seats for each of them, and then the stream of wisdom with one seat.

Dohuk: The Kurdistan Democratic Party won 10 seats, while the Kurdistan Islamic Union won one seat.

Al-Muthanna: Suron gets 2 seats, Conquest 2 seat, Victory 1, Wisdom 1, State of Law 1

Erbil: KDP gets 8 seats, PUK 2 seat, New Generation 2, Alliance for Democracy and Justice 1, Change 1, Jemaah Islamiah 1.

Dhi Qar: Suhun receives seats 6, conquest 5, law 3, victory 3, wisdom 2.

Distribution of seats in the province of Babylon: conquest seats 4, Sosron 4, victory 3, wisdom 3, law 3, competencies 1. change the

distribution of seats in Wasit province: moving 3 seats, opening 2, 2 victory, wisdom 2, law 1, competencies 1.

distribution of seats in Salah al – Din province: s Ah national masses 3 seats, opening 2, National 2, Victory 2, Alliance Resolution 2, Salah al – Din identity 1 the

distribution of seats in the province of Sulaymaniyah: National Union 8, change 4, the new generation 2, Islamic Group 1, the Kurdistan Democratic Party 1, Alliance for democracy and justice 1, the Kurdistan Islamic Union 1.

distribution of seats in the province of Diwaniyah: conquest 3 seats, moving 3, victory 2, law 1, wisdom 1, will 1.

distribution of seats in the province of Basra: conquest 6, moving 5, victory 5, the rule of law 4, wisdom 2, 1 Iraqi men gathered, the movement of the will of 1, 1. national

distribution of seats in the province of Nineveh: victory 7, Democratic Party 6, National 4, Nineveh identity 3, opening 3, Resolution 3, the national masses 2, democratic approach 1, the National Union 1, urbanism 1, Qusay Abbas network, Papillon 1.

Distribution of seats in the province of Diyala: Conquest 3, Resolution 3 , national 3, moving 2, victory 1, wisdom 1, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 1.

distribution of seats in the province of Najaf: moving 4, opening 3, 3 victory, wisdom 1, law 1

distribution of seats in the province of Maysan: moving 5, conquest 2, wisdom 1, victory 1, law 1.

distribution of seats in Anbar province: 6 Anbar identity, national 3, resolution 2, 2 pass over, victory 2.

distribution of seats in the province of Kirkuk: the Union National Kurdistan 6 seats, the Arab Alliance 3, Kirkuk Turkmen Front 3 seats. is over

Muqtada al-Sadr’s bloc wins parliamentary elections in Iraq


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The Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IHEC) announced on Friday (May 19th) that the bloc of prominent Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has won parliamentary elections.

Reuters said Sadr could not be prime minister because he did not run for office but a mass victory puts him in a position to choose who will take the post.


Thus, the seats were distributed in all Iraqi provinces

Date of release: 2018/5/19 2:42 • 206 times read
Baghdad Results:

Total Votes: 1,997,915 votes.

Number of seats: 71
seats Men: 52
seats Women: 17
Ingredients: 2


Sawson: 466137 Voice / 17 seats
Open: 264011 Voice / 9 seats
Law: 236374 Voice / 9 Seats
National: 220457 Voice / 8 seats
Victory: 216185 Voice / 8 Seats for
Wisdom: 10058 votes / 4 seats
Resolution: 99869 votes / 4 seats
Baghdad Alliance: 97747 votes / 4 seats
Goodwill Pots: 70083 votes / 2 seats
Tamdan: 35148 votes / 1
democratic civilian seat : 33061 votes / 1 seat of
the civil party: 32061 Voice / 1 Seat
Will: 27550 Audio / 1 seat
competencies for change: 21903 votes / 1 seat

Karbala results:

Total votes: 304208

Number of seats: 11
Men: 8
Women: 3

Open: 76,679 votes / 3 seats
: 74820 votes / 3 seats
Victory: 52674 votes / 2 seats
Law: 39927
votes / 1 seat

Results of Muthanna:

Total votes: 229309

Number of seats: 7
Men: 5
Women: 2

Seeroun: 71058 Voice / 2
Opening seat : 46363 votes / 2
Victory seat : 35,712 votes / 1
Wisdom seat : 35685 votes / 1 seat
Law: 31051 votes / 1 seat

Dhi Qar results:

Total votes: 552363 votes
Number of seats: 19
Men: 14
Women: 5

moving: 6 seats
Open: 5 seats
Law: 3 seats
Victory: 3 seats
wisdom: 2 seats

results of Babylon:

Total votes: 588 566 Voice
Number of seats: 17
Men: 13
Women: 4

Open: 4 seats are
moving: 4 seats
Victory: 3
Wisdom: 3
Law: 3
Competencies: 1

Wasit Outcomes:

Total Votes: 396965 Total Votes:
Men: 8
Women: 3
Ingredients: 1

Suron: 3
Conquest: 2
Victory: 2
Wisdom: 2
Law: 1
Competencies : 1
مازن: 1

Results for ديوانية:

Total votes: 358447 Total votes:
Men: 8
Women: 3

Conquest: 3
Surat: 3
Victory: 2
Law: 1
Wisdom: 1
Will: 1

Seats Kirkuk:

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 6
Arab Alliance 3
Turkman Kirkuk 3

seats Anbar:

Anbar Our identity 6
National 3
Resolution 2
Passengers 2
Victory 2

Seats Diyala:

conquest 3
Decision 3
National 3
Surfers 2
Victory 1
Wisdom 1
Kurdistan National Union 1

Nineveh seats:

Victory 7
Democratic War of Kurdistan 6
National 4
Nineveh Our identity 3
Al-Fath 3
Resolution 3
National Audiences 2
Democratic Approach 1
Kurdistan National Union 1
Tamdan 1

Basra seats:

Fatah 6
Surfers 5
Victory 5
State of Law 4
Wisdom 2
Men of Iraq 1
Will 1
National 1

Sulaimaniya seats:

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 8
Change 4
Movement of the new generation 2
Islamic Group 1
Kurdistan Democratic Party 1
Alliance for Democracy 1
Kurdistan Islamic Union 1

seats Salahuddin:

Castle of the masses 3
Fatah 2
National 2
Victory 2
Resolution 2
Salahuddin Alliance 1

seats Duhok:

Kurdistan Democratic Party 10 Kurdistan
Islamic Union 1

seats Erbil:

Kurdistan Democratic Party 8
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 2
Movement of the New Generation 2
Alliance for Democracy 1
Change 1
Islamic Group 1

Seats in Najaf:

Concession 4
Fatah 3
Victory 3
Wisdom 1
State of Law 1


moving 5
conquest 2
wisdom 1
victory 1
State of law 1

Why Iraq’s election is a remarkable victory for democracy


 May 18 at 5:58 PM

Iraqis in Mosul waited to vote on May 12 next to a building in ruins from the battle to oust Islamic State militants from their city. (Maya Alleruzzo/AP)

Haider al-Abadi is the prime minister of Iraq.

On May 12, Iraq held its fourth national elections since 2003. More than 10 million people turned up at polling stations. Men and women alike voted freely — a rarity in the Middle East, and something that Iraqis can be proud of. Despite a lower turnout than was expected, voters leaned toward cross-sectarian lists rather than the ethnic or sect-based groupings that dominated previous elections.

I myself campaigned in all 18 provinces, and our coalition won seats in 14 of those, something no other list was able to achieve. While there are irregularities that need to be addressed by the Independent High Electoral Commission, I have called on all sides to respect the final results and address any complaints through due legal process.

My government will do all it can to ensure that the transition to the next government is conducted in a stable and transparent manner, providing the basis for a strong, democratic order based on the rule of law. I have called for dialogue with the other coalitions to form a government predicated on the following criteria: a reform-based agenda that builds on the successful policies of the current government; achieving economic prosperity, maintaining our non-aligned diplomatic stance with other countries based on mutual interests, and protecting our security gains and ensuring terrorist groups do not return. At no point will I consider working with those who are either tainted by corruption or known for sectarianism. Any potential ministers must be technocrats, and the new government must be demonstrably non-elitist, representative of the people rather than dominated by one side or denomination.

There are three concerns every Iraqi prioritizes, wherever they are from: fighting corruption, providing job opportunities and improving service delivery. These are the same priorities to which I am committed. They require a steady hand, an informed perspective and patience to stay the course. During the past four years, along with liberating our country from terrorism, helping internally displaced people return home, and improving security to the best level since 2003, I have led my government through the hard work necessary to achieve these aims. We took on these commitments despite historically low oil prices, which led to austerity measures that were necessary to pull us out of a fiscal crisis. We are now in a better position as a nation. Our security forces have defeated the enemies that threatened us, and we stand ready to rebuild our country and economy.

I said in October that our nation would remain united, and it has. I vowed that elections would be held on time in every part of the country, and they have. I promised our people that we would liberate our land from terrorism, and this has been delivered. I now declare to our people that the next four years will witness a tremendous transformation for Iraq, if the right government is in place. My vision is to reform our economy and defeat corruption, provide jobs to the millions of young people who make up the majority of our population, continue the improvement of public services, and ensure that human rights and female empowerment are actively pursued and justice is extended to all. If chosen as prime minister again, I will fight to achieve these critical advances every day that I lead the country.

The international community has been supportive of Iraq over the past four years. We now look to extend this partnership to make it a better deal for all by focusing on economic ties and sustainable development. Iraq’s economy is hungry for growth. The recent investment conference in Kuwait showed that tens of billions of dollars worth of foreign investment are ready to be allocated to both public- and private-sector firms. A stable and progressive Iraq is good for the entire Middle East, and it will also lead to positive economic impact in other countries, including the United States, through maintaining regional security, job creation, advancing for manufacturing industries, and increasing export potential. Iraq is no longer in need of aid, it is ready to work with other nations to mutually benefit our economies.

As prime minister, I will commit to keeping Iraq on its current course of recovery and building a better future. I pledge to protect the people of Iraq by avoiding regional struggles and rejecting interference in our domestic affairs, as we, in turn, respect the sovereignty of other nations. Iraq is free today, and its people can choose their leaders and criticize them without fear of repercussion. A whole generation of lawmakers and politicians has now been replaced by new faces, and our coalition is proud to have been at the forefront of this change. We are now ready to work with the other parties who have also won mandates from our people to form a new government. A stable and prosperous Iraq can play a major role in making the region and the world a better place. This effort should be supported by regional and international partners, who, we hope, will back our reform agenda for a new Iraq.



صوتكم شرف لنا وامانة في اعناقنا.. فقد انتصر العراق والإصلاح باصواتكم.. ولن نخيبكم.. والعتب كل العتب على من خذل العراق والإصلاح ممن كنا نظن بهم خيراً مقتدى محمد الصدر

Translated from Arabic by 

Your voice is an honour and a trust in our necks. Iraq and reform have won your vote. We will not disappoint you. And the blame is on those who failed Iraq and the reform who we thought were good Moqtada Mohammad Sadr

Urgent Number of Anbar seats and names of winners

Release date: 2018/5/19 2:26 • 102 times read
Anbar Our identity is 6 seats: Mohammed Rikan, Mohammed Nasser Karbouli, Ali Farhan Saadoun Zouair, Zeinab Abdel Hamid.
National 3: Karim Aftan, Yahya Ghazi, Ghadwa Mohamed Nuri
Iraqi decision 2 …. Follow the
passing 2 …. Follow the
victory 2: Faisal Hussein Jabar, Nahla Hamad

Urgent number of Diyala seats and names of winners


Editorial Date: 2018/5/19 2:20 • 71 times read
Al-Fath 3 seats: Hussein Jasmin, Humam Ahmed .. Followed by the
Iraqi escape 3: Ahmed Mazhar, Madr Maan …
Wataniya follow 3: Abdul Khalef Medhat, Raad Awad, …
Followers 2: Burhan Hassoun, Hawazin {… }
Fatah 1 …. Follow
the Kurdistan Alliance 1: Sherko {….}
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