Abtan follows the preparations for the opening of Najaf Stadium

Date of release: 2018/5/3 20:40

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Minister of Youth and Sports Abdul Hussein Abtan has personally overseen the preparations and final touches to the stages of the opening of Najaf International Stadium 30 thousand spectators on Saturday.

The Ministry of Youth announced today the readiness of Najaf International Stadium capacity of 30 thousand spectators to receive the Iraqi public at the opening ceremony.

The ministry will hold a “big celebration that includes a wide variety of events, as well as a match between former national team stars and former Najaf stars.”



Baghdad to pay the dues of more than 200 workers in the Kurdistan region



Thursday, May 3, 2018 10:04 pm
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Baghdad / .. The Department of Labor and Social Security in the Ministry of Labor, the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, the approval of the federal government to pay dues more than 200 workers from the region.

“The federal government agreed to pay the dues of these workers, as they refused to hand over these dues to them only on the condition that they travel to Baghdad to receive them,” he said, adding that he was ” “After discussions and explain the difficult economic conditions of these workers, and the financial crisis experienced by the province, the Federal Government decided to pay these dues.”

He added that “the size of these receivables amounts to 505 million Iraqi dinars, more than 200 workers, the first installment of these receivables,” noting that “these receivables dating back to 1991, where these workers registered in the General Fund for Social Security, did not receive Entitlements “.

“The federal government transferred this money to a government bank in Kirkuk,” he said, adding that “the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the region, formed a special committee to visit Kirkuk and receive the amount to be paid to workers.” Finished



Central Bank Governor meets in Istanbul with representatives of Iraqi banks participating in the World Islamic Banks Conference



Economy News Istanbul:

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq met on the sidelines of the World Conference of the General Council of Banks and Islamic Institutions held in Istanbul today with representatives of Iraqi banks participating in the conference in the presence of the President of the Association of Private Banks Wadih al-Hanal .

The governor said at the outset of his speech on the importance of the participation of Iraqi banks in the large conferences dealing with banking activity both inside Iraq and abroad, because of the importance in increasing expertise and access to new experiences and developments .

The Governor exchanged with the participants of the meeting ideas and opinions on a number of issues related to the Iraqi banking activity, including electronic services, foreign transfers and the future of Iraqi banking in light of the stability of the exchange rate in Iraqi markets .

He stressed the readiness of the Iraqi Central Bank to cooperate to the maximum extent with the private banks to facilitate their knowledge, and encourage them to take a steady step towards success and progress and achieve financial coverage and diversification of products.

He noted that the central bank has a future plan aimed at supporting good and successful banks and providing all the requirements for their progress .



 Pentagon: About 5,000 US troops stationed in Iraq


2018/05/03 11:42 PM
وزارة الدفاع الأمريكية

The Pentagon announced Thursday that some 5,000 US troops are based in Iraq. 

“The number of our troops in Iraq is around 5,000, that’s a rough figure,” Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White told a news conference. 

She added that “the United States began to reduce the number of its troops in Iraq, after Baghdad announced victory over the organization of a supporter, in December 2017.” 

“The continued presence of coalition forces in Iraq will be based on circumstances and proportionate to the need, in coordination with the Government of Iraq,” said Col. Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the International Coalition. 

Three years later, with the support of the US-led coalition, Iraq announced last December that its entire territory would be restored from the grip of a pro-Western organization that controlled a third of the country. 

The organization still retains dormant cells scattered across the country and is gradually returning to its old style of pre-2014 guerrilla attacks.


Iraq signs 13 investment agreements

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Iraq has signed more than 13 investment agreements over the past days.

“We signed 13 investment agreements during the past few days,” the secretary-general of the Iraqi cabinet Ali al-Alak told a news conference on Thursday. “Within two months, 15 companies signed investment agreements with Iraq.”
He pointed out that “the Prime Minister issued new investment decisions, which will provide a suitable ground for investment.”
“The political situation will be better after the elections and will not constitute a crisis for the investor,” al-Aalak predicted.
The Iraqi parliamentary elections are due to take place on May 12, amid heightened security alert, after the threat of “urging” voters, especially in areas where their fighters were expelled.


Historical falls hit the currencies of Turkey and Iran amid stability of the Iraqi dinar

Historical falls hit the currencies of Turkey and Iran amid stability of the Iraqi dinar
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The Turkish lira and the Iranian tumans experienced a historic decline against the dollar exchange rate amid the stability witnessed by the Iraqi dinar.
On April 10, Iran took drastic steps to set the local currency rate against the dollar in an effort to stop its decline after losing about a third of its value in six months.
Thus, the rate of exchange was set at one dollar against 42,000 riyals-tumans as a reference for exchange operations with other currencies at their prices compared to the exchange rate in the United States.
“The price of the Iranian Toman fell to an unprecedented level in the history of the country, reaching 60300 dollars for $ 100 at the money exchange shops inside Iran,” the banking offices in Iran told Shafak News.
Currency experts blame the historic collapse on the problems of the nuclear program with the United States, internal problems between the front of President Hassan Rowhani and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Front.
On April 15, the central bank banned “until further notice” the exchange offices to buy or sell hard currencies, leaving only banks to authorize such trades. But in practice, the banks refuse to do so, according to several statements.
In the wake of US financial sanctions against Tehran, international credit cards have become out of use in Iran and tourists must bring in enough hard currency to stay.
In Turkey, data showed on Thursday that consumer price inflation rose more-than-expected in April to about 11 percent year-on-year, pushing the lira to a record low as concerns over the central bank’s inability to control price hikes.
Inflation, which has a double-digit rate and a 10-percent lira against the dollar since the beginning of the year, is a source of growing concern for the government as it prepares for early parliamentary and presidential elections on June 24.
The consumer price index rose 1.87 percent on a monthly basis, exceeding expectations in a Reuters poll of 1.6 percent, the index said. The index rose 10.85 percent year-on-year.
Basic inflation rose 12.24 percent year-on-year, Reuters reported.
The lira, one of the worst performing currencies in emerging markets since the beginning of the year, fell to a record low of 4.2487 lira against the dollar, from a high of 4.1785 on Wednesday.
At 07:05 GMT it was trading at 4.2005 against the dollar.
Amid currency turmoil in neighboring Iran and Turkey, the currency in Iraq is stable against the dollar exchange rate.
The Iraqi Central Bank commented that “the improvement of the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, is not a new phenomenon, but the outcome of the work continued for a full year, was through the identification of significant measures on the process of currency presentation and address the violations of demand.
It says Iraq’s cash reserves exceeded $ 50 billion.


The Iraqi Trade Bank opens two branches in Saudi Arabia and Turkey

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The Iraqi Trade Bank (TBI) disclosed the approval of the Saudi Monetary Agency to open a branch of the bank in the capital Riyadh to intensify financial and monetary cooperation between the two countries.

“The Saudi Monetary Agency informed the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the approval of the opening of a branch of the Iraqi Bank for Trade in Riyadh to intensify financial, monetary and economic cooperation between the two countries, on the sidelines of the participation of the relations in the meetings of the Arab Monetary Fund Which was held recently in Tunisia. ”

He noted that “the bank is currently waiting for approval in a formal way to be able to open the branch there.”

“The Board of Directors of the Iraqi Trade Bank recently approved the opening of a branch of the bank in Turkey, especially that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries amounts to 10 billion dollars annually, noting that” these steps come after the success of the bank in the opening of an office in the Abu Dhabi market Global financial crisis. ”


Ministry of Finance of Kurdistan announces a new schedule for the distribution of salaries

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The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government on Thursday on a new schedule for the distribution of salaries of employees, and employees of government departments and institutions in the region.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Finance will pay their salaries on Sunday, the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Ministries of Finance, Higher Education, Electricity, Martyrs and Anfal, Political Prisoners and Transport will be distributed next Monday.

Municipalities, electricity, reconstruction, planning, justice, natural resources, industry and commerce, and the judiciary will be distributed next Tuesday.

The statement said that the salaries of the Ministries of Agriculture, Labor and Social Affairs, Special Needs Department, Financial Control Bureau, Human Rights Commission, Chambers and Institutions outside the borders of the Region, Environmental Protection Agency, Investment Authority, Integrity Commission, Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum will be distributed on Wednesday. The Territory and the Landmine Clearance Commission.