Government of Kurdistan issues a decision on imported cars

Release date: 2018/5/2 23:12

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Kurdistan Regional Government issued a resolution on imported cars starting this month.

“The decision entered into force earlier this month,” he said, adding that the cars imported through the port will be inspected, especially cars of the type {Crowan}, which exploded and airbags.

“He added that” The cars that fail the examination are returned to the country of origin, calling on car dealers to abide by instructions and avoid any problems.

distribution of the salaries of the protection police

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The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Wednesday that all the salaries of the protection police will be distributed, noting that next month will see the consolidation of savings in salaries with the salaries of the ministries of Interior and Peshmerga.

The Interior Ministry announced that next Sunday the salaries of all security guards will be distributed, indicating that next month they will combine the savings in their salaries with what has been approved for salaries of the ministries of Interior and Peshmerga.

“The government has promised that the salaries of the protection police will be for the next month as their counterparts in the Ministry of the Interior, Peshmerga and Asayish by unifying the adjusted savings ratio,” Jalal al-Sheikh Karim was quoted as saying by Kurdish media.

For his part, a member of the Parliament of Kurdistan Qadir Rizki said that after the rejection of a section of the internal protections of their salaries because of the small percentage of savings canceled by the provincial government, and they have not received their salaries so far.

According to Rizki said that some have received salaries with savings and some of them received according to the old system, and still the third section has not received his salary so far.


of Rafidain Bank brings news to military retirees

Rafidain Bank is reporting news to military retirees
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 one hour ago

(Reuters) – Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday the payment of salaries of military retirees for the May meal.

The bank’s information office said in a statement to the News Agency that the bank distributed the salaries of military retirees for May meal to holders of electronic payment tools.

The statement called all retirees to receive their salaries from the branches of the bank all in Baghdad and the provinces, instead of going to the outlets of the special exchange, some of whom are retired from the large sums of money in return for receiving his salary.


Dollar strengthens gains ahead of US Central Bank announcement

Release date: 2018/5/2 13:32

The dollar boosted gains on Wednesday after hitting a three-and-a-half-month high in the previous session as investors prepared to announce the outcome of the Federal Reserve meeting as policymakers could chart the path of interest rate expectations.

Although financial markets do not expect any change in US monetary policy, investors will be waiting for any comments that take into account the impact of the strength of the dollar and the increase in returns on monetary policy as any indication of increased caution may lead to a halt to the dollar’s rise.

Against a basket of currencies, the dollar rose above the moving average of 200 on Tuesday, a level not seen since May 2017 and pushing some major institutional investors to revalue their positions in the dollar, Morgan Stanley said.

On Wednesday, the dollar index fell 0.2 percent to 92.242 after hitting its highest level since January 10 at 92.57 in the previous session.

The pound has held steady after falling to less than $ 1.36 in the previous session as investors cut their pledge to raise interest rates next week.

Sterling rose 0.2 to $ 1.3635 after falling to a four-month low of $ 1.3588 on Tuesday on weak UK manufacturing data.

Other currencies, including the Australian dollar, were affected by the dollar’s rise in the last two weeks. The Canadian dollar rose 0.2 percent while the Swiss franc rose 0.4 percent against the dollar

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) cuts its outlook for the growth of the Gulf economy


(IMF) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) economies to accelerate from 2.2% in 2017 to 3.2% in 2018.

And reduced its growth forecast for the Gulf economy by 0.3% to 1.9% in 2018, and pointed out in his report that the Gulf economies had recorded a contraction of about 0.2% in 2017.

The Governor of the Central Bank stresses the need to close the gaps in the Islamic banking sector

Economy News Istanbul:

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Alak, the need to close the gaps faced by the Islamic banking sector in the areas of risk management and compliance and inflation.

During his first working session with Al Baraka Chairman Adnan Ahmed Yousif and Deputy Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank Raed Sharafuddin and other leaders of the banking sector in the Islamic countries, Al-Allaq noted the importance of legal frameworks, legislation and regulations that will rationalize the work of Islamic financial and banking institutions Especially with regard to risk management, “stressing the need to work seriously to achieve what the Islamic banking sector.

He praised the “great expansion of the Islamic banking sector during the past years,” stressing that “a clear vision for the future of this sector should be identified and the gaps to be addressed, especially in the areas of risk management, compliance and financial inflation.”

He also praised a number of speakers during the meeting the efforts of the President of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Alaq and the President of the Association of Iraqi private banks Wadih al-Hanal in support of the Iraqi banking sector in general and Islamic

America is returning thousands of artifacts from Babylonian families to Jews from Israel to Iraq

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(Reuters) – The United States will return 3,800 antiquities to Iraq on Wednesday after it was discovered that it had been smuggled into the United States. Under a false identity and shipped to Hubei’s lobby stores, federal officials said.

The US Department of Justice filed a civil complaint in the Eastern District of New York in 2017 accusing the Hubei Group of buying 5,500 pieces of art in a total amount of $ 1.6 million in December 2010 from the United Arab Emirates. Several warnings from an expert on the property law ” And confiscation of artifacts. ”

Steve Green, a US art and crafts dealer, traveled to the United Arab Emirates in July of that year to inspect cuneiform discs and other antiques, the Justice Department said. A few months later, the company warned that these items were stolen from Iraq “but agreed to sell.

The customs and border guards found that the artifacts were shipped through the United Arab Emirates and Israel with “false and misleading” stickers to hide the contents of the shipments. The group agreed to a settlement in 2017 of about 144 cylinder items and paid an additional $ 3 million Civil “, according to the Ministry of Justice.

Green said last year his company had made “unfortunate mistakes.” “We should have exercised more supervision and carefully inquired about how to handle the acquisitions.”

“Our passion for the Bible continues, and we will do our utmost to support efforts to preserve the elements that will help to illuminate and enhance our understanding of this great book,” Green said. Hoppe Lopeg, the Oklahoma-based retailer chain,

An expert in the Law on Cultural Property warned that the artifacts coming from Iraq, including cuneiform plates and cylinder seals, could be stolen from archaeological sites.

What the expert told the company to look in their collections about things of Iraqi origin and make sure that the materials have been identified correctly. But this warning, the lobby did not benefit to buy thousands of monuments – including cuneiform plates, bricks, mud bubbles and cylindrical seals – for $ 1.6 million.

Some of the artifacts from the UAE carry shipping stickers falsely labeled as “ceramic tiles” or “clay tiles (sample)” originating in Turkey. Other items were sent from Israel with false declarations from there.

In its statement, the Ministry of Justice said that “the acquisition of artifacts was stuffed with red flags.” The lobby staff did not meet the owner and merchant of the artifacts and made payments to seven bank accounts kept in the names of other people.

A museum linked to the lobby was opened in Washington, D.C., in Tsrin last year.

The Bible Museum, which covers an area of 430,000 square feet in one store, received $ 201 million of artifacts from the Hubei Lounge and rented storage space in Oklahoma from the store.

Some of the Iraqi tablets come from an ancient city but also include an important collection of talismans at an early stage of families and the bilingual religious text of the New Babylonian period. “Among the monuments are two clay mixtures with royal inscriptions from the first weeks of the first weeks and discs To 2100-1600 BC.


An important meeting between Iraq and the European Union tomorrow

Release Date: 2018/5/2 10:29

[Ayn-Baghdad] A

meeting will be held in the Ministry of Planning on Thursday morning, the ministry described as “important” between Iraq and the European Union with the participation of a number of agents and ministries and representatives, including the Ministry of Oil and its formations.

“The meeting will discuss the final stages of launching a training and capacity development project for Iraqi companies operating in the oil and gas sector funded by the European Union,” a ministry statement said.

The ministry called on “the media to attend and cover the proceedings of the meeting.”

Rafidain announces the application of international standards in the use of electronic payment to settle salaries

Release date: 2018/5/2 8:12


Rafidain Bank announced the application of international standards in the use of electronic payment tools in the settlement of salaries of state employees electronically.

“The bank has been able to develop its banking business and introduce the modern systems used over time through the use of electronic payment tools and international banking technologies,” said Khula Taleb Al-Assadi, general manager of the bank, at a press conference held yesterday in Baghdad.

“The bank is working to contribute to the strengthening of the Iraqi economy and activate the concept of financial inclusion and sustainable economic development.”

“Providing all banking services to citizens in accordance with quality standards and simplifying procedures to add value to all banking products and instilling a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment and to win international partnership with the banking and financial institutions, including the prestigious [Key Card], which is the strategic partner of the bank.

The director of the Rafidain Bank that “the bank is struggling to win the achievements and confidence of citizens,” noting that “the Rafidain Bank works to achieve a secure infrastructure in accordance with international standards and strengthen banking mechanisms and enhance the role of banking and it does not work alone, but with the participation of everyone.”