Iraq’s economy is entering an unprecedented historical turn


Release date: 2018/4/30 22:02 • 4 times read
{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The government revealed an economic step that may take an economic turn in the history of modern Iraq.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said during a meeting with the Federation of Trade Unions in all governorates on the occasion of the World Labor Day, “the formation of a higher committee for the alternative economy because of global concerns not to rely on oil in the future and to create a productive economy,” according to a statement of his media office.
“We are moving towards a new phase of construction and reconstruction that needs a great deal of effort,” he said, adding that “the rise of the country requires us to move the work across the country, indicating the need for security to rise.”
Abadi stressed that “the government with the slice of workers in the full guarantee of their rights,” pointing out, “When we received the government we had the goal of liberating the occupied provinces and the removal of a danger calling for Baghdad and the situation was tragic and all the effort of the state and its financial resources were directed to the liberation operations, but our unity and our determination and the courage of our fighters and their sacrifices achieve victory” .
“We have cleared all our territory and controlled the Iraqi-Syrian border for the first time in full and we are pursuing a da’eef and expelling it even outside of Iraq.” Dr. Haider al-Abadi praised Iraqi competence.
Among Abadi , “when I visited Mosul Dam was engineers and workers Iraqis skilled work successfully and acquire great experience and compete with international experience , ” pointing out that “everyone is surprised how he got up Iraq and that the Iraqi army has become one of the strongest armies in the region.
He said Abadi , attention to chip youth and provide opportunities Work for them.
Iraq relies on its annual financial balance on oil imports by more than 90%, after the decline of the industrial and agricultural sectors, and the private sector.
Iraq currently produces about one million barrels of oil per day, including domestic consumption

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