Scandalous IS Leader Killed in Mosul: Official

Scandalous IS Leader Killed in Mosul: Official

ERBIL – Iraqi pro-government forces killed on Sunday an Islamic State (IS) leader in northern Nineveh province who was well-known for major crimes, a security official said.

“The 90th brigade of al-Hashd al-Shaabi killed Ibrahim el-Yassin, a prominent IS leader, in an ambush in al-Safina village, south of Mosul,” the source, who wished to remain anonymous told Sputnik, as reported by Iraqi News.

The source said that accurate intelligence data was obtained and acted to kill the IS leader while trying to go shopping, who was wanted on charges of assassinating Iraqi security forces in southern Nineveh.

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi announced the full victory over the IS in December, last year, but the terrorist group has regrouped itself in most of the liberated areas.


Customs announces the return of more than 9 billion dinars to the treasury of the state


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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The General Authority of Customs announced the return of more than 9 billion dinars to the treasury of the state.
A statement to inform the agency received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, “Alhayat recovered the differences of customs fees amounted to (9,529,676,316) nine billion five hundred and twenty-nine million six hundred and sixty-six thousand three hundred and sixteen dinars.”
The General Authority of Customs has taken practical steps to combat corruption in all its forms and to prevent evasion of payment of customs duties to maximize revenues in support of the general budget of the state through the application of legal procedures and instructions in force.


International Development Bank for Investment and Finance announces its membership license from Visa International

Baghdad / SNG

The International Development Bank for Investment and Finance announced that it has been granted a membership license from Visa International for the first time from inside Iraq.

“The International Development Bank for Investment and Finance has held a major celebration by granting a membership license from Visa International for the issuance of cards for the first time from inside Iraq,” the bank’s management said in a press release received by SNG.

“The license was signed between the International Development Bank, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Ziad Khalaf Abdul and the Director General of Visa for North African and Mashreq countries represented by Tarek Ezzeddin Al Husseini.”

The ceremony was attended by high-level figures from the Central Bank of Iraq and representatives of the Union of Arab Banks, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and the Iraqi Stock Exchange and a large number of managers of Iraqi and Arab banks, including representatives of international audit companies.

The administration said that “this step comes in light of the continuation of the bank led the revolution of the transition to electronic payment, and support for the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq in the project to settle salaries for employees of the government sector, and implementation of the decision of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers,” noting that “the International Development Bank is a race in The electronic payment process for its huge and comprehensive infrastructure enabling it to diversify the provision of electronic banking services. “

The chairman of the bank Ziad Khalaf Abdul, during his speech at the celebration, according to the statement, “The International Development Bank has made great achievements in the field of financial technology to reach the requirements of the Central Bank of Iraq.”

For his part, the Director General of Visa for North African and Mashreq Tariq Ezzeddine Al-Husseini said that “this signature would not have been done without a thorough study prepared by Visa to choose the bank most suitable and conform to the standards of international banks.”,15700023,15700043,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700201&usg=ALkJrhj7d36ztnXEYjsBEc-kP1YS0cHOLg

Diwaniyah The official working hours will be closed next Wednesday

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(Diwaniyah: Al Furat News) The Diwaniya Governorate Council decided on Sunday to consider next Wednesday an official holiday on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Imam Mahdi.
“The holiday includes all government departments except the service, security and health departments, which will be 50 percent time,” deputy chairman of Diwaniya province Haydar al-Shammari said in a press statement.

A number of central and southern provinces have decided to disrupt the official working day next Wednesday on the occasion of the Shaaban visit


Diyala Water Resources: The reservoir of Lake Hamrin is 10 million cubic meters due to rain


The Directorate of Water Resources in Diyala announced on Saturday that the reservoir of Lake Hamrin has increased by 10 million cubic meters during the past two days due to rain.

The director of the Directorate Muhannad al-Mamouri said that Lake Hamrin, 55 km northeast of Baquba, has increased its water reserves due to rain during the past 48 hours by 10 million cubic meters to reach one billion and 442 million cubic meters.

Al-Mamouri added that Baquba led the cities of Diyala with rainfall at 40 mm.

Flydubai will resume flights to Sulaymaniyah next month



A plane belonging to Fly Dubai
 money and business

Economy News Baghdad:

Flydubai Airlines will resume its flights to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, starting on May 10, with flights to five Iraqi cities – Baghdad, Basra, Erbil and Najaf – as well as Sulaymaniyah .

The resumption of flydubai flights to Sulaymaniyah after the Iraqi authorities announced the reopening of the city’s airport in March. The airline is the first carrier to serve the city with two flights a week. Flydubai flights will rise to three times a week starting in June .

The airline will operate between Dubai International Airport and Sulaymaniyah International Airport on Thursday and Sunday .

“We are delighted with the return of direct flights between the UAE and Sulaymaniyah after a three-year hiatus,” said Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO of flydubai. He pointed out that the company «started its flights to Sulaymaniyah in 2010 and during these years, we observed a large demand for flights from the region». He stressed the aspiration to “strengthen our services to Iraq, which is a vital market is witnessing the growth of investments and in the movement of trade and tourism .”

The city’s economy depends on tourism and agriculture, with the growing number of small and medium enterprises, most of which contribute to the development of trade. The city also has the second largest museum in Iraq after that the national Baghdad, as well as the ancient monuments representing the civilizations of Persians and Kurds, and return to the period 1792 – 1750 BC .

Iraq is one of the most important markets for flydubai. The airline operates 46 weekly flights from Dubai, an international hub for aviation. Offering travelers from Iraq the opportunity to travel to a wide network of destinations around the world, in Europe, Asia, India and Russia .

Finance will announce a new payroll distribution schedule

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Khandan –

A source in the Ministry of Finance, the Kurdistan Regional Government, said the ministry will announce a new schedule for the distribution of salaries, before the date of the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

The source said in an interview with “Khandan”, that before the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives scheduled for May 12 next, the Ministry of Finance will announce a new schedule and will begin to pay the salaries of employees.

It is worth mentioning that the employees of the Kurdistan region have not yet received the salaries of the month of February.


Banks offer their services to students of Baghdad University on the fifth day of the week if financial coverage



Economy News _ Baghdad

The Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi Private Banks on Sunday joined the activities of the fifth day of the financial inclusion week on the land of the University of Baghdad, with the participation of a number of government and private banks and a financial transfer company.

The events witnessed the provision of services free of charge to university students and introduce them to the banking services they provide to citizens.

And the number of banks participating in the events, the 22 banks and financial companies are development and Ashur and the Iraqi trade and Rafidain and Rashid and TBI Bank and Zain Iraq and commercial Iraqi and international Islamic and Babylon and the South Islamic and the clutch and the Union and the Islamic Iraqi and Jihan and Nur Iraq and Mansour and united and Ansari and Arab and money and card and Arabs.

The Director of the Department of Relations at the International Islamic Bank, Atheer Abdul Baqi, told the “Economy News” that the bank today provides its banking services (Master Card) and open bank accounts free of charge for students of the University of Baghdad, within the activities of the week of financial inclusion held under the supervision of the Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks, Noting that “the bank is currently providing loans for student projects within the initiative of small and medium enterprises.”

“The bank targeted the students to encourage them to use electronic payment tools for use in commercial centers and markets,” said Abdul Baqi.

For his part, director of relations of the bank Zain Iraq Fahd teacher, in an interview with “Economy News” that the bank today provided banking facilities for students of the University of Baghdad loans and electronic payment services, indicating that there was a lot and distribute a number of gifts for students provided by the bank.

“The aim of the bank’s participation in the activities of the week of financial inclusion to identify all segments of the community banking services that we offer to customers of the bank.”

The director of awareness of the Bank of Holding, Zaina Qassem, in terms of “Economy News” a reference to “the purpose of the Bank’s participation today to target the university students who are considered the most important segments that can use electronic payment tools and opening bank accounts.”

“The bank today provided its services to open bank accounts for free and to receive loan applications within small and medium enterprises.”

Date Added 29/04/2018


Visa Card for «Economy News»: The Iraqi market is promising and has a good future


Economy News Baghdad

Visa International announced that the Iraqi Iraqi market is promising and has a good future, stressing that the banking sector is committed to the strategy set by the Central Bank.

“Visa Card considers the Iraqi market to be promising and the banking sector is committed to the strategy led by the Central Bank in addition to having several competencies,” said Tarek Husseini, regional director of Visa International, To deal professionally with mistakes to avoid wasting more time to promote the reality. ”

He pointed out that the company signed a contract with the Central Bank to activate its strategy on financial coverage and expand the base of electronic payments in the Iraqi market and provide the necessary services for that .

US foreign hails courage of Iraqi woman

Twilight News

3 hours ago

The US State Department on Sunday hailed the courage of an Iraqi woman who survived an outraged organization.

“This courageous woman survived a devastating havoc in Iraq, sold her property and risked her children’s safety,” the Foreign Ministry said in a tweet followed by the Twilight News.

“Despite her plight, her face is still hopeful.”



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