Zain Iraq Bank appreciates the financial inclusion initiative


(Independent) .. Assistant Deputy Director of the Zain Iraq Islamic Raghad Nabil Alousi on the initiative to organize a week of financial inclusion led by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Al-Alusi said the financial inclusion week is an important step to enhance trust between the citizen and the banking system. Banks are working to present and offer their services to the target audience in different places and institutions.

She pointed out that the central bank’s game aimed at improving the payments will transfer the form of financial transactions to a better and safer stage, which is presented during the week of financial inclusion.

Al-Alusi said that the bank is looking to expand its customer base by providing the best banking products that meet the requirements of customers from companies and individuals. The bank has adopted a regular plan to rehabilitate human resources and enable them to develop advanced financial programs and systems.

She pointed to the importance of creating a sophisticated banking sector that provides the best services required by the field of economic work, especially as the country is in the stages of reconstruction and construction of major.

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