Iraq lists terrorist financiers on UN sanctions list

28/4/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Follow-up morning

Iraq achieved a new diplomatic success with the approval of the Security Council Committee on International sanctions on the organization «urged» and «Al Qaeda» last week, his request to include the company «Kawthar Financial Intermediation» and owner Omar Mohammed Rahim, in addition to Salem Mustafa Mohammed Mansour known as Salam Afri, in the list UN sanctions, in preparation for a freeze

Their origins.

On Friday, the American Monitor published an extensive report on the new Iraqi success in listing terrorist financiers on the UN sanctions list. The report, which was followed by Al-Sabah, quoted MP Majida al-Tamimi as saying: “The Iraqi state is continuing Adding that the names of other individuals and companies to the list of sanctions of the United Nations after the proven funding of the organization advocacy, “asserting that” the forms of support terrorist organizations are carried out through various means, most notably through money transfer offices, where funds are sent to settle in the hands of the leaders of the organization, “revealed Tamimi , About «about 45 calls A lawsuit against the financial transfer offices, having strengthened accusations by information from Iraqi intelligence, and the legal and security measures past

against them ».

For his part, said the adviser of the Iraqi Center for Media Development Wathiq Jabri: “The information in his possession indicates that the Iraqi state working on the names of persons and companies financing terrorism and will be included soon in the list of domestic and international sanctions,” and considered that “the inclusion of these companies has a decisive impact in both theaters Iraqi and international in cutting the funds for the preacher, especially as the transfer companies and means of financing are transboundary and multinational and have links affecting the political decision »He said:« The inclusion of companies on the list of UN sanctions is a success of Iraqi diplomacy to convince the international community to Fought against

terrorism ».

In turn, said a member of the Security and Defense Committee, Iskandar and Tutt, that «the Iraqi intelligence agencies are now possess accurate statistics on the parties and personalities that fund a supporter», and referred to «the completion of the proceedings for legal prosecution both inside Iraq and abroad».

“There is a seriousness in Iraq to cut off the funding of the” Da’ash “and the financiers of the terrorist operations, and it has lists of dozens of personalities and parties with real or hidden names on their way to join the international list».

On the other hand, the official spokesman of the Commission on Human Rights Ali al-Bayati: “The visit of the international delegation to Iraq is a link in a series of visits after the adoption of Security Council resolution 2379 of 2016 on the trial of criminals and the crimes and crimes they committed as they amount to international crimes,” noting that “We need an international effort in addition to the national effort because there are international bodies supporting these gangs as well as the presence of non-Iraqi individuals who have contributed money and facilitate and coordinate the entry of terrorist elements to Iraq to commit

their crimes.”

Al-Bayati said in an interview that “international bodies will contribute to help Iraq to prosecute criminals after the Human Rights Commission to document the crimes committed and that there is a role for the Iraqi judiciary in the issuance of appropriate sentences against


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