Banks offer their services free of charge on the third day of the Financial Inclusion Week


Economy News Baghdad:

The Al Baghdadi Cultural Center in Al Mutanabbi Street hosted on Friday the third day of the Financial Inclusion Week, which witnessed the participation of 19 banks and financial companies. The participating banks offered their services free of charge to citizens.

The events witnessed a remarkable presence, representing various groups of society and came to identify the services offered by banks and benefit from them .

The employee of the Department of Management in the Ceyhan Bank, Qutayba Abbas, told “Economy News” that “the bank provides various services including bank accounts of all types and cards MasterCard and others,” noting that “some state departments have settled their salaries in the bank, an important step in promoting the concept of Financial inclusion “.

“Cihan Bank today distributed 30 free MasterCard cards to the attendees as well as instructions on granting loans to support small and medium enterprises.” The bank plans to distribute 1,500 free MasterCard cards to citizens .

He concluded by saying that “all the banking operations we are conducting are linked to the instructions and controls of the Central Bank being the regulatory body on the banks .”

The employee of the Department of Audit and Internal Audit at the Arab Islamic Bank, Ali Safa, told “Economy News” that “financial coverage is concerned to reach all segments of society, and through these events we can achieve this,” adding that “the bank was yesterday at the University of Technology To visit the class of students, and today is located in the cultural center of Baghdad to provide banking services, including opening accounts for free .

The account manager of the company Key Card International, Ahmed Alaa, has pointed in his speech to “Economy News”, to join the company to the activities of the week of financial inclusion came after the directives of the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks .

He added that the company will distribute 300 free card cards to citizens during the week, which will contribute to increase their knowledge of the work of electronic cards and what is useful and where to use .

Alaa said that the role of the Association of Iraqi private banks is to increase the familiarity between banks and joint cooperation among them to promote the reality of the banking sector and reach a common goal is to raise the confidence of citizens in Iraqi banks .

“The company focused during the week on the financial coverage on the deployment of electronic payment points sites deployed in Baghdad through a special application of the company,” said Raghda Shaker, a sales executive at Al-Amwal .

She pointed out that the company got discounts from the shops that include the devices and published in the application to promote the use of the card and pay the customer to use the electronic card easily .

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