of Rafidain Bank brings news to state employees

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Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday the inclusion of all employees of the state departments whose salaries are settled at the bank with personal advances.

The bank’s media office said in a statement to the news agency that it had decided to include all employees of the local state departments and institutions in their salaries.

He pointed out that the grant of the advance is through the electronic card carried by the employee and issued by him exclusively and through which the receipt of his monthly salary.



Zain Iraq Bank appreciates the financial inclusion initiative


(Independent) .. Assistant Deputy Director of the Zain Iraq Islamic Raghad Nabil Alousi on the initiative to organize a week of financial inclusion led by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Al-Alusi said the financial inclusion week is an important step to enhance trust between the citizen and the banking system. Banks are working to present and offer their services to the target audience in different places and institutions.

She pointed out that the central bank’s game aimed at improving the payments will transfer the form of financial transactions to a better and safer stage, which is presented during the week of financial inclusion.

Al-Alusi said that the bank is looking to expand its customer base by providing the best banking products that meet the requirements of customers from companies and individuals. The bank has adopted a regular plan to rehabilitate human resources and enable them to develop advanced financial programs and systems.

She pointed to the importance of creating a sophisticated banking sector that provides the best services required by the field of economic work, especially as the country is in the stages of reconstruction and construction of major.


Mission of hundreds of military experts from “NATO” to Iraq .. And this mission


28/04/2018 – 00:34


NATO foreign ministers

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that during the meeting of foreign ministers of NATO countries, it was agreed to strengthen the defense capabilities of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Stoltenberg said after the first plenary meeting of foreign ministers that the principles of the work of the NATO mission in Iraq have been agreed, adding that the mission will include several hundred military experts who will “assist the Iraqi security forces in fighting terrorism, stabilizing and preventing the return of the Daash organization.”

He stressed that NATO experts will train Iraqi military and the development of Iraqi military colleges.

NATO leaders are due to endorse the decision to launch the mission to Iraq at the NATO summit in Brussels on July 11-12.

Jens Stoltenberg, revealed a plan to increase military support for Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga.

Stoltenberg said, “We have extensive plans to train Iraqi forces and Peshmerga forces and increase support for them.”

“For this purpose, we will increase the number of military advisers in Iraq,” he said in response to a question by a reporter for Kurdistan TV 24.

The Iraqi parliament demanded on March 1, the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, to set a date for the withdrawal of foreign troops, which have spread in some bases in the country during the past years in the framework of an international campaign to eliminate the Daqash.


Source: Abadi will visit Kirkuk on Saturday to promote his electoral list

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

A source close to the list of victory, headed by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said on Friday that the latter will visit Kirkuk on Saturday within the framework of the election campaign.

“We have been informed that the president of the victory list will visit Kirkuk on Saturday and his agenda will be the meeting with candidates of his list in Kirkuk and then the public meeting with the supporters of the list,” the source told al-Ghad Press.

The Prime Minister, the head of the coalition of victory, Haider Abadi visited earlier, the provinces of Sulaymaniyah, Arbil, Nineveh and Anbar, in a visit described campaign propaganda.



Iraq lists terrorist financiers on UN sanctions list

28/4/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Follow-up morning

Iraq achieved a new diplomatic success with the approval of the Security Council Committee on International sanctions on the organization «urged» and «Al Qaeda» last week, his request to include the company «Kawthar Financial Intermediation» and owner Omar Mohammed Rahim, in addition to Salem Mustafa Mohammed Mansour known as Salam Afri, in the list UN sanctions, in preparation for a freeze

Their origins.

On Friday, the American Monitor published an extensive report on the new Iraqi success in listing terrorist financiers on the UN sanctions list. The report, which was followed by Al-Sabah, quoted MP Majida al-Tamimi as saying: “The Iraqi state is continuing Adding that the names of other individuals and companies to the list of sanctions of the United Nations after the proven funding of the organization advocacy, “asserting that” the forms of support terrorist organizations are carried out through various means, most notably through money transfer offices, where funds are sent to settle in the hands of the leaders of the organization, “revealed Tamimi , About «about 45 calls A lawsuit against the financial transfer offices, having strengthened accusations by information from Iraqi intelligence, and the legal and security measures past

against them ».

For his part, said the adviser of the Iraqi Center for Media Development Wathiq Jabri: “The information in his possession indicates that the Iraqi state working on the names of persons and companies financing terrorism and will be included soon in the list of domestic and international sanctions,” and considered that “the inclusion of these companies has a decisive impact in both theaters Iraqi and international in cutting the funds for the preacher, especially as the transfer companies and means of financing are transboundary and multinational and have links affecting the political decision »He said:« The inclusion of companies on the list of UN sanctions is a success of Iraqi diplomacy to convince the international community to Fought against

terrorism ».

In turn, said a member of the Security and Defense Committee, Iskandar and Tutt, that «the Iraqi intelligence agencies are now possess accurate statistics on the parties and personalities that fund a supporter», and referred to «the completion of the proceedings for legal prosecution both inside Iraq and abroad».

“There is a seriousness in Iraq to cut off the funding of the” Da’ash “and the financiers of the terrorist operations, and it has lists of dozens of personalities and parties with real or hidden names on their way to join the international list».

On the other hand, the official spokesman of the Commission on Human Rights Ali al-Bayati: “The visit of the international delegation to Iraq is a link in a series of visits after the adoption of Security Council resolution 2379 of 2016 on the trial of criminals and the crimes and crimes they committed as they amount to international crimes,” noting that “We need an international effort in addition to the national effort because there are international bodies supporting these gangs as well as the presence of non-Iraqi individuals who have contributed money and facilitate and coordinate the entry of terrorist elements to Iraq to commit

their crimes.”

Al-Bayati said in an interview that “international bodies will contribute to help Iraq to prosecute criminals after the Human Rights Commission to document the crimes committed and that there is a role for the Iraqi judiciary in the issuance of appropriate sentences against



Banks offer their services free of charge on the third day of the Financial Inclusion Week


Economy News Baghdad:

The Al Baghdadi Cultural Center in Al Mutanabbi Street hosted on Friday the third day of the Financial Inclusion Week, which witnessed the participation of 19 banks and financial companies. The participating banks offered their services free of charge to citizens.

The events witnessed a remarkable presence, representing various groups of society and came to identify the services offered by banks and benefit from them .

The employee of the Department of Management in the Ceyhan Bank, Qutayba Abbas, told “Economy News” that “the bank provides various services including bank accounts of all types and cards MasterCard and others,” noting that “some state departments have settled their salaries in the bank, an important step in promoting the concept of Financial inclusion “.

“Cihan Bank today distributed 30 free MasterCard cards to the attendees as well as instructions on granting loans to support small and medium enterprises.” The bank plans to distribute 1,500 free MasterCard cards to citizens .

He concluded by saying that “all the banking operations we are conducting are linked to the instructions and controls of the Central Bank being the regulatory body on the banks .”

The employee of the Department of Audit and Internal Audit at the Arab Islamic Bank, Ali Safa, told “Economy News” that “financial coverage is concerned to reach all segments of society, and through these events we can achieve this,” adding that “the bank was yesterday at the University of Technology To visit the class of students, and today is located in the cultural center of Baghdad to provide banking services, including opening accounts for free .

The account manager of the company Key Card International, Ahmed Alaa, has pointed in his speech to “Economy News”, to join the company to the activities of the week of financial inclusion came after the directives of the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks .

He added that the company will distribute 300 free card cards to citizens during the week, which will contribute to increase their knowledge of the work of electronic cards and what is useful and where to use .

Alaa said that the role of the Association of Iraqi private banks is to increase the familiarity between banks and joint cooperation among them to promote the reality of the banking sector and reach a common goal is to raise the confidence of citizens in Iraqi banks .

“The company focused during the week on the financial coverage on the deployment of electronic payment points sites deployed in Baghdad through a special application of the company,” said Raghda Shaker, a sales executive at Al-Amwal .

She pointed out that the company got discounts from the shops that include the devices and published in the application to promote the use of the card and pay the customer to use the electronic card easily .


NATO: We will focus on Iraq in the next stage

Since 2018-04-27 at 17:04 (Baghdad time)

Follow – Mawazine News

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said today that the 29 NATO foreign ministers’ meeting today will tackle terrorism, noting that the focus will be on the situation in the Middle East and North Africa and NATO’s cooperation with Jordan, Tunisia and other partners in the region.

“In this morning session we will focus on the situation in the Middle East and North Africa, counter-terrorism and stability,” said Stoltenberg, during his opening remarks at the last meeting of NATO headquarters.

“We will also focus on our mission in Iraq and we will discuss how we cooperate with Jordan, Tunisia and the rest of our partners in the region,” he said.

The Secretary-General of NATO said yesterday that the foreign ministers of NATO countries will hold a meeting today to discuss relations with Russia, stressing that in the circumstances of great tension existing it is important to continue dialogue with Russia. Finished


Education Nineveh begins distributing salaries of its employees for the month of April

Local Since 2018-04-27 at 15:18 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Minister of Education, Mohammed Iqbal al-Sidli, on Friday, the receipt of financial dues to the Directorate General of Education in the province of Nineveh, while the direct distribution of salaries for the month of April for its employees within the province.

A statement issued by the special media office Iqbal, received / Mawazin News, a copy of it, “The Directorate began today to distribute the salaries of its employees in the province of Nineveh after the distribution of the salaries of displaced persons in Baghdad and the provinces belonging to the representative of Nineveh Education in the Ministry of Education.

The statement stressed that “the Directorate of Nineveh is the first directorates of education in the provinces, which distribute the salaries of its employees this month, in support of the pharmacist of Nineveh and his keenness on the delivery of financial benefits to employees.”

The statement pointed out that “the distribution began shortly in the building of the Directorate located in the area of Al-Faisaliah and included the distribution of the secondary sections inside, outside, Mosul district, Sinjar, Baaj, Hamdaniya, the Directorate’s office, the supervision of specialists, educational supervision, and the primary and secondary, Literacy”.

The statement revealed that “the refund of the amounts of popular mobilization and emergency reserves of 3.8% for the staff of the Directorate for the month of January and February” This will be published distribution tables successively. ”


Alaq reveals the total money in the banks

at: April 27, 2018

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Baghdad / Student News Agency

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Alalak, the total assets in banks operating in the country is 200 billion dollars.

Al-Alak said in his speech at the meeting of the “partnership in investment” within the forum of investment and reconstruction opportunities in Iraq, “The credit provided by banks amounting to 30 billion dollars and weaken this figure of credit contract,” noting that “the central bank ordered banks to modify the organizational structure and the establishment of units Risks, combating money-laundering, financing of terrorism and others “.

He added that “the central bank has developed the system of payments and will launch soon payment by mobile phone,” asserting “Last year we launched the common system known as the IBAN for all accounts and Iraq is one of the 47 countries in the world implement this system, which facilitates the process of financial transfer “He said.

He pointed out that “MasterCard will establish a school in Iraq to develop young people to use credit cards and others,” adding that “the inflation rate in Iraq does not exceed 2%.”

He pointed out that “the coming period will witness a decline in the rate of inflation in Iraq after controlling the exchange rate and the abolition of the marginal price of the dollar and make it equal to the official price,” noting that “this measure by the Central Bank supports the purchasing power of citizens and provides an important indicator for businessmen through the stability of the working environment” .

He pointed out that “the dollar exchange rate is considered at the current stage is the best because it has become an ideal price and gives confidence to investors in maintaining the return of their activities.”


Talabani announced sending a team from the National Union to Baghdad to end the outstanding problems

Political Since 2018-04-27 at 11:07 (Baghdad time)

Sulaymaniyah – Mawazine News

The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Qubad Talabani, on Friday, the need to send a strong academic team of deputies of the Union to the House of Representatives to address the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan region.

“These elections have to do with the future of Iraq, and we have to send a strong academic team of PUK deputies to the House of Representatives to address the outstanding problems between the federal government and the region,” Qubad Talabani said during a statement on the sidelines of his visit to the Badinan region to promote his party’s electoral list and his follower. Kurdistan “.

He added: “We have to end the outstanding problems with Baghdad, such as the budget and salaries and areas cut off covered by Article 140 and the rights of the privileges of the martyrs and all other outstanding problems with the federal government.”

He continued: “We can restore our future and restore balance and develop the situation in Kurdistan by sending a strong academic team to the House of Representatives, with the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government and all political parties.”