Organizing an exhibition for Iraqi banks at Al-Mansour University College


Economy News Baghdad:

The Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks, Thursday, an exhibition of Iraqi banks on the land of Mansur College University within the activities of financial inclusion.

The Dean of Mansur College, Dr. Abdul Rasool Abdul Jassim, said in an interview with “Economy News” on the sidelines of the activities of financial inclusion, that “Mansur College in cooperation with the Association of Iraqi private banks organized today to identify the importance of the concept of financial comprehension and the mechanism of the banks through the use of technologies Modern and approved by international banks and the use of electronic payment tools and the opening of bank accounts .

He added that “many of our students today are suffering from lack of knowledge of the mechanisms used in opening accounts and the use of credit cards,” explaining that the banks participating in the events are (the Rasheed Bank and the Union and Babil, Ashur, Kurdistan and commercial and the Iraqi Islamic south and Alahli) in addition to the two companies Amwal and the gate of Iraq .

He pointed out that “the students of the College were able today to see the latest banking methods in place by the government and private banks in the event held in cooperation with the Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks .”

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