International Development Bank for Investment & Finance announces membership of Visa Card International

Thursday, April 26

– The International Development Bank for Investment and Financeannounced on Thursday that it has been granted a membership license from Visa Card International for the first time from inside Iraq .

“The International Development Bank for Investment and Finance has held a major celebration by granting a membership license from Visa Card International to issue cards for the first time from inside Iraq,” the bank’s management said in a press release.

“The license was signed between the International Development Bank, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Ziad Khalaf Abdul and the Director General of Visa Card for the North African and Mashreq countries represented by Tareq Ezzeddine Al Husseini.”

The administration said in its statement that “the celebration was attended by high-level figures from the Central Bank of Iraq , representatives of the Union of Arab Banks, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, the Iraqi Stock Exchange, and a large number of managers of Iraqi and Arab banks, including representatives of international audit companies Ernest and Una and KPMG “He said.

The administration said that “this step comes in light of the continuation of the bank led the revolution of the transition to electronic payment, and support for the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq in the project to settle salaries for employees of the government sector, and implementation of the decision of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers,” noting that “the International Development Bank is a race in The electronic payment process for its huge and comprehensive infrastructure enabling it to diversify the provision of electronic banking services. ”

“The International Development Bank has made great achievements in the field of financial technology to reach the requirements of the Central Bank of Iraq,” said Ziad Khalaf Abdul, during his speech at the celebration, adding that “this signature would not have been made without a study by Visa Card to choose the most bank Suitability and conformity with the standards of international banks “.

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