Expert: $ 25 billion of Iraq’s financial benefits after oil rises above $ 70

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Oil expert Hamza al-Jawahri said on Thursday that the rise in oil prices above the $ 70 a barrel will provide Iraq with a financial surplus of more than 25 billion dollars added to its federal budget.

Al-Jawahiri said the “high oil will provide a surplus on the federal budget estimated at more than 25 billion dollars after rising to 73 dollars a barrel.”

He added that “the federal government will work to save the money that will be obtained from the rise of oil to the end of the year will not be disposed of at the present time,” adding that “savings will get the government’s fear of falling oil prices in the coming months and exposed to a financial crisis.”

Russia joined the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) last year to cut oil output by 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd) in an agreement aimed at restoring equilibrium to the market and helping raise crude prices to near a 4-year high.

Brent crude rose for the sixth session in a row, the first on Tuesday, to hit its highest level since November 2014, exceeding $ 75 a barrel.


New US Secretary of State begins his Middle East tour


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(AFP) – The new foreign minister, Mike Pompeo, plans to visit Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel this weekend, the State Department said Thursday.
Pompeo will visit these countries over the weekend after a stopover in Brussels for a meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
“No foreign minister in recent history has made a trip at this speed,” State Department spokesman Heather Nauwert told reporters.
The US Senate approved earlier Thursday the appointment of CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State for President Donald Trump’s administration.

International Development Bank for Investment & Finance announces membership of Visa Card International

Thursday, April 26

– The International Development Bank for Investment and Financeannounced on Thursday that it has been granted a membership license from Visa Card International for the first time from inside Iraq .

“The International Development Bank for Investment and Finance has held a major celebration by granting a membership license from Visa Card International to issue cards for the first time from inside Iraq,” the bank’s management said in a press release.

“The license was signed between the International Development Bank, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Ziad Khalaf Abdul and the Director General of Visa Card for the North African and Mashreq countries represented by Tareq Ezzeddine Al Husseini.”

The administration said in its statement that “the celebration was attended by high-level figures from the Central Bank of Iraq , representatives of the Union of Arab Banks, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, the Iraqi Stock Exchange, and a large number of managers of Iraqi and Arab banks, including representatives of international audit companies Ernest and Una and KPMG “He said.

The administration said that “this step comes in light of the continuation of the bank led the revolution of the transition to electronic payment, and support for the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq in the project to settle salaries for employees of the government sector, and implementation of the decision of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers,” noting that “the International Development Bank is a race in The electronic payment process for its huge and comprehensive infrastructure enabling it to diversify the provision of electronic banking services. ”

“The International Development Bank has made great achievements in the field of financial technology to reach the requirements of the Central Bank of Iraq,” said Ziad Khalaf Abdul, during his speech at the celebration, adding that “this signature would not have been made without a study by Visa Card to choose the most bank Suitability and conformity with the standards of international banks “.

Two British and UAE companies get 6 investment licenses worth $ 519 million in Iraq

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Economy News Baghdad:

The National Investment Authority (NIA) has granted investment licenses for six projects in Iraq worth 519 million dollars to British and UAE companies.

The “Forum of Investment and Reconstruction Opportunities in Iraq” witnessed the signing of investment permits with Arab and foreign investors in the presence of a number of Iraqi officials.

Three investment licenses worth 205 million dollars were awarded to Daeco World Holding Company to develop and rehabilitate the central markets, namely Mustansiriya and central markets, as well as an investment license to develop the central and central markets.

The company also awarded Daiku International investment license for the construction of the Muftiyah project in the province of Basra, a residential, recreational and commercial project at a total cost of 234 million dollars.

Al-Ghaith Industries Co., Ltd. (UAE) granted the investment licenses from the Muthanna Investment Authority to establish the caustic soda plant at a cost of $ 65 million and the production of high-purity edible salt at a cost of $ 15 million.

President of the Association of Private Banks: The strategy of the Central Bank has overcome difficulties in front of banks


Economy News Baghdad:

The President of the Association of Iraqi private banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, that the strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq 2016-2020 has a great depth and helped to overcome difficulties in the work of banks.

“The central bank’s strategy for the years 2016-2020 has a very deep depth, which reflected positively on the work of banks and put difficulties in front of him,” said Al-Hantal in his speech during the session of “Investment Partnership” within the forum of investment and reconstruction opportunities in Iraq. “The Central Bank applies the recommendations that come out of the conferences in addition to visions of the World Bank.”

He pointed out that “the Central Bank introduced the follow-up department and had a significant impact in the implementation of its decisions, which reflected positively on the banking sector.”

He pointed out that “the visit of the Bahraini banks to Iraq has not occurred since 1980 and has opened important doors and we hope that the Bahraini banks to be correspondent banks.”

He pointed out that “the Central Bank is the strategic partner and the big tent of the banks and because of its directions, Iraqi banks have international accounting standards in addition to the implementation of the requirements of the global financial system.”

He noted that “the Association of Iraqi private banks trained 1800 people to the best international standards, in addition to training the youth through the course of empowerment and employment in the banking sector.”

“For the first time, banks have participated in community initiatives, and the initiative of Baghdad to rehabilitate 20 fields has been funded by the private banking sector as well as the initiative support fund.”

Organizing an exhibition for Iraqi banks at Al-Mansour University College


Economy News Baghdad:

The Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks, Thursday, an exhibition of Iraqi banks on the land of Mansur College University within the activities of financial inclusion.

The Dean of Mansur College, Dr. Abdul Rasool Abdul Jassim, said in an interview with “Economy News” on the sidelines of the activities of financial inclusion, that “Mansur College in cooperation with the Association of Iraqi private banks organized today to identify the importance of the concept of financial comprehension and the mechanism of the banks through the use of technologies Modern and approved by international banks and the use of electronic payment tools and the opening of bank accounts .

He added that “many of our students today are suffering from lack of knowledge of the mechanisms used in opening accounts and the use of credit cards,” explaining that the banks participating in the events are (the Rasheed Bank and the Union and Babil, Ashur, Kurdistan and commercial and the Iraqi Islamic south and Alahli) in addition to the two companies Amwal and the gate of Iraq .

He pointed out that “the students of the College were able today to see the latest banking methods in place by the government and private banks in the event held in cooperation with the Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks .”

Abadi meets Barzani’s Nechirvan in Erbil


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Thursday, April 26, 2018 10:54 AM
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BAGHDAD / A source familiar with the arrival of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, to the province of Arbil in the beginning of an official visit.

The source said that “Abadi met upon his arrival in Arbil, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, in a meeting is continuing,” noting that “the meeting discussed the beginning of post-election alliances, as well as other topics.”

The Kurdish media had announced earlier that Abadi will visit on Thursday the cities of Arbil and Dahuk, in two visits will witness meetings with officials there as well as promoting the electoral list victory coalition. Finished 2

a high-level Kurdish delegation meets with leaders and decision makers in America

A high-level Kurdish delegation meets with leaders and decision makers in America
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A senior delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government held a series of meetings and meetings with officials in Congress and the US administration to discuss the situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.
In a government statement, it was reported to the twilight news that the Kurdistan delegation included the President of the Office of the Presidency of the Territory Fuad Hussein, and Foreign Relations Officer Falah Mustafa, Abdul Rahman, representative of the regional government in Washington, a statement Sami.
The statement said that during the meeting with the Special Assistant to the US President for National Security Michael Bell, the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government addressed the political situation and security challenges experienced by the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the Middle East.
The statement reviewed meetings and meetings with the American administration, saying that during his visit to the United States of America, the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government held meetings and meetings with a number of senior officials at the US State Department. During the meetings, the delegation highlighted the relations between Erbil and Baghdad, the upcoming elections of the Iraqi National Council, the war against the Da’ash terrorists, the economic crisis, support for ethnic and religious components and a number of other issues.
Deputy Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran, Andrzej Bruckbak, the authorized ambassador for international religious freedom at the Bureau for International Religious Freedom, and Caroline Thompson, Assistant Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Citizenship, Refugees and Displaced Persons, Ambassador Michael Kozak, Advanced Counselor at the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Workers, Ambassador Tina Kaidanaw, Assistant Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Office of Political and Military Affairs, and Jonathan Cohen, European Affairs and Eurasia, and Ethan Kolderaj Deputy Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Agency Syrian Affairs, and Peter Xia director of Iraq’s affairs.
During the visit, Foreign Minister Farah Mustafa and KRG representative in Washington held a meeting with Robert Kareem, Assistant Secretary of State for National Security Affairs. Pointing out that during the meeting, the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government expressed its thanks and appreciation to the United States of America for the assistance provided to the forces of Peshmerga Kurdistan; in terms of training and military rehabilitation and provide part of the military needs since July of 2016 and this assistance continues so far.
He noted that the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government held a meeting with members of the US Congress from the bipartisan and democratic parties, adding that he participated in an open dialogue organized by Ralph Abraham, the joint president of the Kurdish-American Friendship Society in the US Congress.
He also pointed out that the delegation held a series of meetings with senators and the US Congress, including a meeting with Sen. Bob Manendez, Congressman Ron Disantis, Jeff Dreisler, National Security Advisor and Paul Ryan, Speaker of the US House of Representatives. He held numerous meetings and discussions with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the House of Representatives Military Services Committee and the Senate Military Services Committee.
The statement pointed out that the delegation of the Government of the Territory was received at the headquarters of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) by Maria Lungi Assistant Deputy Director of the Middle East. During the meeting, humanitarian aid to the United States was discussed at the global level as the largest donor country, which provided $ 1.4 million in international humanitarian aid to Syria and Iraq.
At the end of the statement, he referred to the visit of the delegation to the American Peace Center (USIP), which is funded by the US Congress, which participates in the efforts to build peace in Iraq, the Middle and the Middle, adding that an open dialogue was held for the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the presence of a number of diplomats and officials in the US administration. Dr. Fouad Hussein, Falah Mustafa and Sami Abdul Rahman were also given the opportunity to brief members of the think-tank in separate briefings at the Atlantic Council and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the statement said.
Iraqi Ambassador to the United States Fred Yassin also hosted the delegation at a luncheon this week, where they discussed the importance of voters in the Diaspora in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
Participation in Sedona Annual Forum
Fouad Hussein and Falah Mustafa participated in the Sedona Forum in Arizona. Sedona is an annual high-level forum hosted by the McCain Institute. The forum was attended by US Defense Secretary Mattiece, CIA Director Pompeo, US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Dan Sullivan, Amy Klobuchar, Ben Sass, Heidi Hitkamp, ​​Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham, and many leaders from around the world.

in a new classification .. The Iraqi army is the sixth most powerful armies of the region and the rank of a global late

In a new classification .. The Iraqi army is the sixth most powerful armies of the region and a world rank late
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(Reuters) – Iraq came in sixth place as the Middle East’s most powerful army, after it was able to expel an al-Qaeda organization in the latest ranking of the US Global Firepower website to classify armies in the world.
According to the list of the site Turkey came as the strongest army in the Middle East, and then Egypt, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, the UAE, Yemen, Jordan.
In the rankings, the US military ranked first, Russia ranked second, China third, India fourth, France V, Britain VI, North Korea VII, Japan VIII, Turkey IX, Germany X, Italy in XI, and Egypt in XII.
According to the same classification, the Iraqi army occupied the ranking of 47 globally.