Barzani aspires to chair the Iraqi parliament in the next session


Release date: 2018/4/25 18:02 • 138 times read
The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and the deputy chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Nechirvan Barzani, for the Kurds as the acquisition of the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.
Barzani said during his participation in a television program on the Iraqi elections and the situation of the Kurds, “The presidency of the Republic will be a share of the Kurds again, but not a condition to be granted the post to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.”
He pointed out that “the presidency of the Iraqi parliament is more important for the Kurds,” wondering “Would you agree to the components to give this position to the Kurds?”.
On the Kurdish party, which will receive the post of President of the Republic, Barzani explained that “it is necessary to discuss the Kurdish parties on this issue, and take a decision unanimously.”


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