The Association of Private Banks announces its support for international banking companies to enter the Iraqi market

Economy News Baghdad:

The President of the Association of Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, that the Association of private banks supports all the directions of international companies specialized in the field of banking services to enter strongly in the Iraqi market.

” I am pleased to congratulate you on the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Central Bank of Iraq and Visa International, which comes in the context of the strategy developed by the Central Bank for the development of electronic payment systems in Iraq , ” Al-Hantal said in his speech during the signing ceremony of the Central Bank’s agreement with Visa International. And the application of financial coverage after the great steps through which the bank to develop the systems and instructions necessary for the success of this project and the construction of infrastructure through the establishment of the national division and develop it to meet through banks and companies the growing needs of the Iraqi society to transform from a society depends on the deal Its financial dependence on criticism to a society that depends on digital banking. ”

He added that “the presence of international companies in Iraq is evidence of the increasing interest of these companies in the Iraqi market because it represents a great attraction within the region and a promising market everyone looks forward to service and harvest the fruits of this service gradually to reflect on the growing volume of business and profits of different institutions . ”

He stressed that “the Association supports all trends of international companies specialized in the field of digital banking services to enter strongly to the Iraqi market and is ready to provide everything that is necessary and within its capacity to ensure the success of this trend . ”

” We hope that the memorandum between the two parties will quickly come into effect and we hope that Visa International will achieve prosperity and expansion in the Iraqi market .

Abadi arrives Sulaymaniyah .. These are the files of the visit!


Since 2018-04-25 at 17:23 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived Wednesday evening at Sulaymaniyah International Airport from Nineveh.

“The visit of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the province of Sulaymaniyah comes within the framework of the announcement of large evacuees of the region,” the correspondent of Mawazin News said.

“Abadi will hold a celebration of this occasion at the Chari-Joan Hotel in Sulaymaniyah,” he said.

The correspondent, “The security services in Kurdistan have spread extensively in the streets of the city.”

The press office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Wednesday that the latter had arrived in Nineveh province. Finished


Launching the Financial Inclusion Week in Iraq


Economy News Baghdad:

The Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi Private Banks launched the activities of the Financial Inclusion Week in Iraq with the participation of banks and financial companies operating in the country .

The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq, “Economy News”, “The banks and financial companies launched the week of financial inclusion in Iraq through the organization of educational campaigns to urge people to deal with the banking sector and opening accounts and credit cards and others .”

He added that “financial inclusion aims to deliver all banking services to the segments of society, specifically women and poor groups, which will reflect positively on economic development and achieve financial and social stability through the fight against poverty and unemployment.”

The Iraqi Payment System has not experienced a breach or a problem


Governor of Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq «Economy News»

Economy News Baghdad:

The governor of the Central Bank Ali al-Alaq, that the Iraqi payment system did not witness a violation or a problem because it is considered one of the best systems in the world.

“The payment system in the Central Bank of Iraq is one of the best in the world and has not witnessed a breach or a problem over the past period,” he said during an interview with Visa International in Baghdad.

He added that “the elements of safety and permanence and accuracy in the operations within the payment system has made it one of the best systems in the world,” noting that “the settlement processes carried out by the payments system amounts to more than 14 trillion dinars per month.”

Barzani aspires to chair the Iraqi parliament in the next session


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The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and the deputy chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Nechirvan Barzani, for the Kurds as the acquisition of the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.
Barzani said during his participation in a television program on the Iraqi elections and the situation of the Kurds, “The presidency of the Republic will be a share of the Kurds again, but not a condition to be granted the post to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.”
He pointed out that “the presidency of the Iraqi parliament is more important for the Kurds,” wondering “Would you agree to the components to give this position to the Kurds?”.
On the Kurdish party, which will receive the post of President of the Republic, Barzani explained that “it is necessary to discuss the Kurdish parties on this issue, and take a decision unanimously.”


G7 meeting; from an economic alliance to a political alliance


The foreign ministers of the G7 (the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, Britain and Italy) met yesterday in Toronto, Canada, to discuss important international issues. The meeting touched on several important topics, including Russia and the Crimean crisis, the North Korean talks on the nuclear deal and the Syrian crisis. The meeting ended with the group discussing these issues at the next meeting in Quebec City, Canada, on June 8-9.
After the global economic crisis of 1973, the rise in oil prices from $ 3 to $ 13 a barrel, major economic countries suffered a crisis of compensating for the rise of these prices, and the international monetary system (Bretton Woods system) also suffered from this economic crisis.
In order to overcome these crises, America, France, Italy, Britain, Japan and Germany formed the G6 . In the following years, Canada and Russia joined these countries to become the group of the eight largest industrialized countries named after the G8 . These countries have Russia in the G8, Russia has withdrawn from them, and the group continued to operate under the name of the Group of Seven.
Meeting against Russia
In the past, the core of the G7 research was based on purely economic issues, with a view to achieving stability and security in the global economy and its predictability. However, in recent years these countries had achieved little success. One of the main reasons for this was the entry of this group In security issues not related to the global economy.
Yesterday’s meeting was clearly influenced by the Russian-Western conflict. British Foreign Secretary Fris Johnson said in a speech after the meeting that the ministers agreed at their two-day meeting in Toronto, Canada, to set up a working group to study Russia’s “bad behavior” In light of concerns about what Moscow is doing in Ukraine and Syria, told reporters: “What we decided yesterday is the formation of a group of ” G7 ” studying Russia’s harmful behavior in all its manifestations, whether in the field of electronic warfare or information distortion or assassination attempts or whatever, Collectively. “
Canadian Foreign Minister Christia Freeland said that “the ministers expressed deep concern over the despicable attack on nerve gas in Britain and Russia’s attempts to destabilize democratic countries by intervening in the elections.”
At present, Western-Russian relations are cooler than ever after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which overshadowed the G7 summit, which should focus on economic issues in the first place. This was a major reason that the group failed to achieve any of its objectives Over the past decades, Russia has played a major role in global financial stability as one of the world’s leading economies. In its presence, Group 8 controlled 65 of the world economy, but with its exit the group lost 15 percent, Seven by a large .
Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund ( IFM) announced that rising fiscal vulnerabilities, rising trade and geopolitical tensions and a historically high global debt threaten global growth prospects. Thus, Russia’s absence from these meetings will increase economic risks that contradict the economic policies of this group. The new Cold War between the West and Russia and the reduction of diplomatic relations between the two sides are among the serious challenges facing the Group of Seven.
New challenges facing G7:
The meeting dealt with other issues, including the North Korean issue and the crisis in Syria, where the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven supported the tripartite aggression of the United States and Britain and the French last on Syria, and although this issue has nothing to do with the economy neither near nor far, The group can affect Syria in any way except in coordination with Russia, which plays a major role there.
German Foreign Minister Haikou Mas told reporters that the final statement “reaffirms that there will be no political solution in Syria without Russia, and Russia should make its contribution to this solution.”
The latest trade war launched by US President Donald Trump on China is a major economic and trade threat that could cause economic crises. This is contrary to the G7’s wishes and does not meet its goals. The dollar’s confrontation with the Chinese yen and the deliberate manipulation of the dollar (and vice versa) US imports will increase the volatility of the global exchange rate, which will inevitably affect the economies of these countries, but this is not addressed in the agenda of the Group of Seven, which means that the Group of Seven is not aware of the seriousness of the economic crisis and its failure to predict Out.
In conclusion, it can be said that the recent meeting of the Group of Seven has departed from its goals and aspires to highlight the failure to address the economic crisis impending, where economists question the ability of this group to predict the global economy and prevent global crises, because of the crisis that the West is doing with Russia China, and because of the Trumpy policies bearing the slogan “America First”, as well as the lack of interest in emerging economies such as Spain, India, Brazil and other countries . ml,15700023,15700043,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700201&usg=ALkJrhgxjq2VcgIQ4Qougel-Iadk2LNqHg

Abadi sends a message to the Iraqis from Mosul Dam


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Wednesday, April 25, 2018 5:00 pm
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BAGHDAD / – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday assured citizens of the safety of the Mosul dam, stressing that the dam is of great importance.

The media office of the Prime Minister, in a statement, received by “Eye of Iraq News,” that “Abadi visited the Mosul Dam on Wednesday, and stressed the importance of large, while reassuring citizens of safety.”

“I am happy that there are Iraqi experts working in this site and gain more international expertise and continue to work with the competent company,” Abbadi said, adding that “the maintenance work stopped a short time during the arrival of a gang to this site,” adding that ” We have begun to work to ensure its safety. “

The statement added that “Abbadi conducted an inspection tour of the facilities and stations of the dam, during which he briefed the ongoing work and continuous maintenance efforts.” He said that he “listened to a detailed explanation from the officials responsible for the management of the dam project and met with engineers and employees at the site, 5


delegation discussed with Baghdad the file of airports and border crossings

Kurdish delegation discussed with Baghdad the file of airports and border crossings
 Twilight News    
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A delegation from the governor of Sulaymaniyah, along with the border crossing authority in Baghdad, discussed a number of issues related to ports and airports in the Kurdistan Region.
A delegation from Kurdistan Region, headed by Sulaimaniyah governor Hafal Abu Bakr, visited the headquarters of the Commission in Baghdad, said a spokesman for the Border Crossings Authority, adding that the delegation also included the commander of border guards in Kurdistan Region and the representative of the Kurdistan Region in the body.
The statement added that the head of the border crossings, Kazem al-Aqabi, received the delegation, and discussed the two sides “the readiness of the region to cooperate with the federal government on the delivery of the file Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports and ports in the region.”

Resumes flights from Sulaymaniyah airport to Dubai

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Khandan –

The director of media and relations at Sulaymaniyah airport announced on Wednesday the resumption of flights to Dubai in the UAE.

“The flights from Sulaymaniyah airport to Dubai have resumed,” Dana Mohammed, director of media and relations at Sulaymaniyah airport, told Khandan.

He added that according to the schedule of flights from Flydubai Airlines to Sulaymaniyah International Airport, two flights will be organized each week.

The Iraqi authorities imposed a ban on international flights to and from the airports of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah last September, against the backdrop of holding a referendum in the Kurdistan region.




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