the Iraqi parliament reveals the salaries of its members and their allocations

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3 hours ago

The Iraqi parliament has released a list of the salaries of its members and the size of their allocations, before the elections of its new session.

This came in a statement to the information department of the parliament, commenting on the circulation of pages in the social networking sites a video section of MP Mishan Jubouri talk with one of the satellite channels dealt with the work of the House of Representatives and salaries of its members.

The statement said that it was circulated by MP Mishan al-Jubouri about salaries, which did not really come into being, an attempt to harm a well-chosen institution of the people as it was repeatedly revealed in previous statements on all the figures on the salaries of MPs.

He said the salaries of deputies to call to 45 million dinars , as stated in the statement, but was 12.9 million dinars before the launch of the reform package, while the total salary amounted to deputy after the application of the reduction in accordance with resolution 333 at the highest rates of 10 million dinars , and as below: the

nominal salary ( 4) Millions of dinars

(2) million Dinars


100%) of the nominal salary (

75% of nominal salary)

45% of the nominal salary

Institute 35% of the nominal salary

25% of the nominal salary

As for the protections of the deputies The statement said that the council ” Mechanisms and controls are difficult to manipulate to grant the salaries of protections and prepare them and in the case of possession of the MP any evidence contrary, please submit them to the concerned authorities and the issue of interference of some of the deputies the work of government institutions also needs evidence that the speaker to submit to the judiciary, especially as he is a member of the Integrity Committee of the House of Representatives “He said.



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