After its support for the Peshmerga … three US letters to Baghdad

Journal News

Direct US financial aid to the banks of the Kurdistan region for distribution to the Peshmerga forces as salaries, a month after the federal government to pay the salaries of regional staff and members of the Peshmerga.

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Peshmerga forces, Major General Karaman Kamal, said that the US aid funds, reached the banks of the Kurdistan region, and will be direct distribution of salaries to the Peshmerga forces during the week.

Observers believe that Washington’s support for the Peshmerga forces in isolation from Baghdad gives messages that these forces are a permanent ally to continue and expand the influence of America and also to create a balance on the Iraqi arena, especially that there are the presence of popular mobilization forces, some of which receive support from Iran stationed on the border with the Kurdistan region

Promised deputies in the Iraqi parliament to receive funds directly from the region as a lack of American respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and to encourage the Peshmerga to rebel against the Iraqi government.

“These US financial grants were agreed at the end of 2016 between Massoud Barazani and US Assistant Secretary of Defense Bob Wark, away from the Iraqi government, which is responsible for all the security forces in the country,” said Fardous Awadi.

“The transfer of these grants to military forces of a national color in Iraq and without the knowledge of the Iraqi government, a big problem in which more than a message that America is trying to make a military equivalent or superior to the Iraqi forces, for future use in crises that may raise, It is a malicious plan to enable a certain nationality over the rest of the nationalities. “

Al-Awadi called on the prime minister to “refrain from silence on these positions as usual, and to go out to his people and clarify this matter and not allow America to play the sovereignty and dignity of Iraq as you desire.”

The source of the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan region, “The salaries of the troops spent on the first day of this month, which is especially at the salary of November last year.”

He added that “the federal government intends to increase our salaries according to leaks from the Ministry of Peshmerga,” noting that the salaries of so-called “Zirvani” Peshmerga of the Federal Ministry of Interior, higher than the rest calculating the provisions of marriage and children to them.

“The salaries of the Peshmerga forces will be increased starting next month,” he said. “But we do not know if these leaks are true or not.”

For his part, says the decision of the parliamentary finance committee, MP from the Kurdistan Alliance, Ahmad Hama, that “the Iraqi federal government, sent an amount of 317 billion Iraqi dinars, to the Kurdistan region, to spend on the salaries of employees of all ministries, including 35 billion dinars, allocated to the Peshmerga forces” .

“The Peshmerga forces received the salaries of the last two months by applying the savings system, ranging between 5% and 50%,” said Peshmerga Secretary-General Jabbar Yawar. “During the war against a sympathetic organization, the Peshmerga, Adding that the first aid amounted to about 415 million US dollars for 13 months, and was paid part of the salaries of the Peshmerga of this amount.

He added that “the United States provided financial assistance to the Iraqi forces in general, amounting to about 850 million dollars, explaining that the share of Peshmerga forces of this amount about 365 million dollars, will be monthly deposit of 25 billion Iraqi dinars in the account of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the provincial government to pay salaries Peshmerga “.


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