The provincial government reduces the percentage of savings in the salaries of police guards in the Ministry of Interior


The provincial government reduces the percentage of savings in the salaries of police guards in the Ministry of Interior

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
A source familiar with the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Sunday, that the Prime Minister of the region directed the Ministry of Finance to adjust the percentage of savings in the salaries of police guards in the Ministry of Interior.
The source told “Al-Ghad Press” that “the Minister of Finance Ribaz Lahlan and ordered by Nechirvan Barzani ordered the disbursement of the amount of 2 billion dinars per month in the account of the Ministry of Interior to improve the proportion of savings in the salaries of the guards police.”
It is noteworthy that elements of the police guards today demonstrated in both Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, demanding to reduce the proportion of savings in their salaries to 30% instead of 65%.


urgently .. Barzani adds two billion dinars for the salaries Bkordstan category

Urgent: Barzani adds two billion dinars for salaries in Kurdistan
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 48 minutes ago

The Kurdistan Regional Government decided on Sunday to amend the amount of savings in the salaries of guards, pointing out that in order to implement the resolution allocated a monthly amount of two billion dinars.
The minister of finance and economy in the provincial government Ribaz Halaman told a Kurdish television station Rudaw that on the order of the head of the provincial government, Nechirvan Barzani, was allocated 2 billion dinars per month to the Ministry of Interior to improve and modify the amount of savings for guards.
However, the Ministry of Finance decided to increase the amount of 12 billion dinars for each ministry and authorized the ministries on how to modify the salaries of their employees, but the decision did not include the guards and this has caused concern and protest This category.

Iraqi Jets Kill Thirty Six IS Militants in Syria: Report


Iraqi Jets Kill Thirty Six IS Militants in Syria: Report

ERBIL – Iraqi warplanes have killed 36 Islamic State (IS) militants, including six senior leaders in the weekend’s airstrikes, said a military spokesperson on Sunday.

According to a statement released by spokesperson for the Iraqi Security Media Council, Brig. Gen. Yehiya Rasool, the Iraqi F-16 jets have carried out multiple strikes on IS hotbeds in Syria, as quoted by Alghdad Press.

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi declared the defeat of the terrorist group in December, last year, but the extremists have lately begun their activities in most liberated territories, specifically on Iraqi-Syrian border areas.

However, Baghdad have launched an operation using its air force to eliminate the remaining militants over the past few days.

Deposits are the key to development in the Kurdistan region

President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih al-Hanalal «Economy News»

Wadih al-Hanal *

The joint workshop, titled “Financial Inclusion in the Kurdistan Region,” organized by the Central Bank of Iraq, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and banks located on the territory of the region, raised a very important issue for what is required of banks to achieve economic development in the center or region .

Perhaps the central bank’s mandate for the subject of financial inclusion is one of its priorities within the activation of the role of banks in general in achieving economic development after trying all the means in this aspect, it became stable that no development without banking activity solid .

Add to the above that the international requirements concerning the International Monetary Fund and the criterion of the measure of the degree of development of banks is through the implementation of the idea of ​​financial inclusion, adding a new task on the Central Bank of Iraq to devote its interests to this aspect and this symposium is one of the important issues .

The most prominent question that arises now .. How do banks to do the program of financial inclusion in light of the weakness of the deposits required to lend?

As a result of the activation of the economic side through lending to small and medium enterprises, where this method is successful in shaping the economic future of any country wants to get up again .

My intervention in this workshop has charted the right road map for the possibility of encouraging deposits with banks to enable them to play their role in development .

A senior official in the region, as usual, has been told on the need to resolve the issue of deposits with banks in the region and restricted to lending and development banking activity .

We proposed to the Kurdistan Regional Government the need to resolve this file in the same way as the double tax file, so as to activate the role of banks in moving the stalled development projects in the region after the availability of liquidity to banks through the release of their reserved deposits .

In order to enable banks to return their activities to small and medium enterprises, deposits must be directed towards them and localization of salaries is only one of the foundations of the lending program .

The question now arises strongly what banks are doing about the continued holding of their deposits with the weakness of the deposits they enter .

Thus, deposits are the key to development in the region .

Has the message arrived? Yes, they are confident of a breakthrough in this aspect that will serve the economy .

· President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks

An investment conference in Baghdad at the end of the month


Date of release: 2018/4/22 9:48 • 229 times read
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The International Federation of Businessmen and Investors, in cooperation with Al-Fateh Economic Development Organization and a number of leading companies in Egypt, organized an economic conference under the slogan “Together to promote Iraq.”
“The conference will be held on April 29 and 30 at the Baghdad Hotel, and will present investment opportunities in Iraq and the extent of facilities offered to investors,” said the conference’s general coordinator Ahmed Al-Sheikh.
“The conference will be held annually to present all developments in the Iraqi market. The countries participating in the conference are Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and some businessmen from China and France,” he said.
Wael Farrar, head of the International Federation of Businessmen and Investors, said: “The main objective of this conference is based on its mission, which reflects the stable security situation in Iraq so that everyone knows that it has become secure and that its land is fertile for investment.”
The president of the conference, Walid Obeidi, stressed that “the sons of Iraq, the sincere men and women of business are those who have the ability to push the economic development of Iraq, they have the largest part of the responsibility to support and undermine the economic reality of Iraq.”
“These conferences enhance the commercial interdependence between Iraq and other countries to meet the requirements of the Iraqi market and this conference will be followed by a series of conferences bearing the same name, which is intended to attract investors and businessmen to Iraq,” said the head of the Union branch in Iraq Ali Al-Fateh.
The member of the Baghdad Investment Commission, Shaker Zamili, confirmed that “the body is the official sponsor of the conference, and seeks to coordinate with all official bodies in the State, in order to make it a success and achieve the greatest benefit from it, and that will benefit the Iraqi market.”
In turn, the director of the Andalusian company Atef Abdel-Jawad called on “Egyptian and Arab businessmen to participate in this conference, in order to confirm the size of the synergy with the brothers, Iraqi businessmen and men.”

After its support for the Peshmerga … three US letters to Baghdad

Journal News

Direct US financial aid to the banks of the Kurdistan region for distribution to the Peshmerga forces as salaries, a month after the federal government to pay the salaries of regional staff and members of the Peshmerga.

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Peshmerga forces, Major General Karaman Kamal, said that the US aid funds, reached the banks of the Kurdistan region, and will be direct distribution of salaries to the Peshmerga forces during the week.

Observers believe that Washington’s support for the Peshmerga forces in isolation from Baghdad gives messages that these forces are a permanent ally to continue and expand the influence of America and also to create a balance on the Iraqi arena, especially that there are the presence of popular mobilization forces, some of which receive support from Iran stationed on the border with the Kurdistan region

Promised deputies in the Iraqi parliament to receive funds directly from the region as a lack of American respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and to encourage the Peshmerga to rebel against the Iraqi government.

“These US financial grants were agreed at the end of 2016 between Massoud Barazani and US Assistant Secretary of Defense Bob Wark, away from the Iraqi government, which is responsible for all the security forces in the country,” said Fardous Awadi.

“The transfer of these grants to military forces of a national color in Iraq and without the knowledge of the Iraqi government, a big problem in which more than a message that America is trying to make a military equivalent or superior to the Iraqi forces, for future use in crises that may raise, It is a malicious plan to enable a certain nationality over the rest of the nationalities. “

Al-Awadi called on the prime minister to “refrain from silence on these positions as usual, and to go out to his people and clarify this matter and not allow America to play the sovereignty and dignity of Iraq as you desire.”

The source of the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan region, “The salaries of the troops spent on the first day of this month, which is especially at the salary of November last year.”

He added that “the federal government intends to increase our salaries according to leaks from the Ministry of Peshmerga,” noting that the salaries of so-called “Zirvani” Peshmerga of the Federal Ministry of Interior, higher than the rest calculating the provisions of marriage and children to them.

“The salaries of the Peshmerga forces will be increased starting next month,” he said. “But we do not know if these leaks are true or not.”

For his part, says the decision of the parliamentary finance committee, MP from the Kurdistan Alliance, Ahmad Hama, that “the Iraqi federal government, sent an amount of 317 billion Iraqi dinars, to the Kurdistan region, to spend on the salaries of employees of all ministries, including 35 billion dinars, allocated to the Peshmerga forces” .

“The Peshmerga forces received the salaries of the last two months by applying the savings system, ranging between 5% and 50%,” said Peshmerga Secretary-General Jabbar Yawar. “During the war against a sympathetic organization, the Peshmerga, Adding that the first aid amounted to about 415 million US dollars for 13 months, and was paid part of the salaries of the Peshmerga of this amount.

He added that “the United States provided financial assistance to the Iraqi forces in general, amounting to about 850 million dollars, explaining that the share of Peshmerga forces of this amount about 365 million dollars, will be monthly deposit of 25 billion Iraqi dinars in the account of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the provincial government to pay salaries Peshmerga “.


Labor Launches Two Sessions of Small Business Support Loans in Baghdad and Governorates


The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs launched on Sunday (23 and 24) soft loans to support small projects for beneficiaries in Baghdad and the provinces, calling on their names to complete the procedures for receipt of loan amounts.

“The two meals (23 and 24) of soft loans were launched and include 10,044 borrowers,” ministry spokesman Ammar Menem said in a press statement.

He added that “the names were announced through the website of the ministry and include borrowers within the (small enterprise support fund), and job seekers who are registered in the database of the ministry, applicants for a loan to be paid 3% of administrative fees of the amount of the loan.

He pointed out that “the ministry has identified for the participants within the meal (23) outlets for review starting on Sunday, April 29, while the date of June 29 set a date for review included within the meal (24) and can be consulted on the names covered through the website of the ministry.

Labor Minister Mohammad Shiaa al-Sudani said earlier that the ministry would announce the loans to be distributed between meals and meals for three months.

The announcement of the launch of loans within the ministry’s strategy to create jobs to reduce unemployment despite the difficult economic situation.

Abadi visits Fallujah Teaching Hospital

In a local April 22, 2018 comments on Abadi visits Fallujah Educational Hospital closed 9 visits

Baghdad / SNG – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi visited the Falluja educational hospital.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Information Office (SNG) said: “Abadi visited the Falluja Teaching Hospital.”

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi arrived in the city of Ramadi this morning. ”


The arrival of the salaries of “five meals” for the health staff of Nineveh

Nineveh / Al-Ghad Press

Nineveh Health Directorate announced on Sunday the disbursement of five meals from the health of the province who were named for this


The director of health in the province, Falah Hassan, “Al-Ghad Press” that “the Directorate received the salaries of meals 13, 14 and 16 in addition to meals correction 1 and 2 and will be distributed salaries in the coming days.”

“Meals 15, 17, 18 and 19 will be distributed as soon as salaries are received,” Hassan said.

Since the liberation of Mosul, the distribution of salaries of health personnel has been based on security checklists, which are transferred from the province in the form of meals to the ministry, which is excluded from cooperation with the organization “Daash.”

Police guards in Arbil and Sulaymaniyah are protesting to demand a reduction in the proportion of savings by their salaries

BAGHDAD / Al-Ghad Press:

A number of elements of the police guards in the interior of the Kurdistan region, on Sunday, to demand a reduction in the proportion of savings in their salaries.

The correspondent of “Al-Ghad Press”, that a number of elements of the police guards in the Ministry of the Interior in the Kurdistan region demonstrated today, in the city of Sulaymaniyah and the law of Soran in the province of Arbil to demand a reduction in the proportion of savings in their salaries like other counterparts in the ministry, indicating that they demanded to be savings by 30% Instead of the current 65%.

“They started their demonstrations two days ago on a small scale in Arbil, but today it has become widespread.”

The government of Kurdistan issued a decision a few weeks ago reduced the percentage of savings in the salaries of its employees after the agreement with Baghdad and the recent sending of 317 billion dinars a month to pay mattresses, but the police guards did not include the decision to reduce savings.

The Kurdistan parliament tried to discuss their salaries, but the hearings were postponed three times for unknown reasons.