Kurdish deputy: Baghdad and Arbil suspended their negotiations until after the elections


Information / Baghdad ..

The PUK MP Abdul Bari Zebari, on Saturday, the cessation of negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil until after the parliamentary elections, referring to the crisis of oil exports in the region and Article 140 on the management of the Peshmerga is one of the outstanding issues.

 “The Baghdad and Arbil stopped all forms of negotiations between them until after the elections because of the preoccupation of most politicians with electoral propaganda and talks to form alliances and the next government,” Zebari said in a statement.

 He added that “the negotiations will not begin until the formation of a new government in Baghdad and conduct elections in the region to choose a new government and parliament in the Kurdistan region.”

Zebari called for “the adoption of realistic solutions on the application of Article 140 of the Constitution on the disputed areas, as well as the file management of the Peshmerga forces and the delivery of oil revenues in the region to Baghdad,” explaining that “the issues that were agreed upon were secondary and did not make any progress in the file negotiations “He said. Ending / 25 d




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