Al-Alawi: The electoral war between Maliki and Abadi has not been witnessed in Iraq since the 1920s


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Between the intellectual and political Hassan al-Alawi, Saturday, that the electoral war between Abadi and Maliki has not witnessed Iraq since the twenties, indicating that if each had the opportunity to end the existence of the other did not retreat.

Al-‘Alawi told Al-Maaloumah that “the war of files and voting on ethical matters occur in all the countries of the world that are more democratic but based on facts.”

He added that “in the developed countries harnesses specialized companies to monitor the other candidate for the Nile and to disperse him according to evidence and confirmed information,” noting that “what happened in Iraq and not distort propaganda, some of them based on lies.”

“Iraq has not witnessed a war between two people throughout history since the 1920s, as is now between Abadi and al-Maliki,” he said.

He added that “the level of war between them has reached a stage if they had the opportunity to end each other’s existence for a few moments.”

The Iraqi army progresses in the classification of “the strongest in the world”


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Saturday 21 April 2018 06:15 pm

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The Iraqi Army ranks the most powerful, ranking 47th in the world and fourth in the Arab world, according to a new report by Global Firepower.

The report said that Egypt and Algeria occupy the top rank of the strongest African and Arab armies in 2018, followed by the Saudi army in third place, and then the Iraqi army, the Syrian.
The competition between the Egyptian and Algerian armies broke out after the indicators indicated that the Algerian army was ranked high with a slight decline of the Egyptian army, while the Iraqi army, which ranked sixth in the Arab world and the ninth in the world in the previous ranking.
Globally, the US military topped the list of the 2018 most powerful armies, followed by the Russian army, then China, India, France and Britain.
Global Firepower 2018 puts the world’s military forces in full perspective. It is about deploying rankings of the world’s armies based on various factors, including assessing the strength of armies based on their nuclear potential, economic support of the military and geographical factors.

Kurdish deputy: Baghdad and Arbil suspended their negotiations until after the elections


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The PUK MP Abdul Bari Zebari, on Saturday, the cessation of negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil until after the parliamentary elections, referring to the crisis of oil exports in the region and Article 140 on the management of the Peshmerga is one of the outstanding issues.

 “The Baghdad and Arbil stopped all forms of negotiations between them until after the elections because of the preoccupation of most politicians with electoral propaganda and talks to form alliances and the next government,” Zebari said in a statement.

 He added that “the negotiations will not begin until the formation of a new government in Baghdad and conduct elections in the region to choose a new government and parliament in the Kurdistan region.”

Zebari called for “the adoption of realistic solutions on the application of Article 140 of the Constitution on the disputed areas, as well as the file management of the Peshmerga forces and the delivery of oil revenues in the region to Baghdad,” explaining that “the issues that were agreed upon were secondary and did not make any progress in the file negotiations “He said. Ending / 25 d



The National Program for Economic Reform will win the elections


Samir Al Nusairi *

On May 12 voters will go to the polls to elect Iraq’s leaders for the next four years. The Iraqi peoplewill follow up  and monitor the election programs of the blocs and parties that announced their participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The most important programs that the people will be interested in. I think it will be the basis for winning the elections because the sound economic approach will achieve stability, security, security, sovereignty and reconstruction and thus the welfare of society .

In light of the political, security and economic conditions that our country is currently experiencing, especially the suffering of the turbulent economic reality and the financial crisis, which have clearly affected the implementation of the plans of the government and the private sector to contribute to economic development as this crisis causes the current and future repercussions and the apparent failure to create new economic resources and weakness Economic planning and the continuation of the deficit from year to year in public budgets because of the lack of cash reserves in the time of abundance in oil prices because of the lack of a national fund to save and mismanagement of public funds .

In addition to the confusion of the economic vision deep in the background and the reality of the Iraqi economy rent and the migration of national capital abroad because of subjective and subjective conditions

Many questions raised by the economic reality during the period (2003) until the present time, which led to structural and structural imbalances in the economy made the experts and researchers and those concerned with the economic issue to be confused in determining the paths of the Iraqi economy and to any horizon is the most important and obvious confusion in all The economic sectors, although all these sectors of agriculture and industry, oil and finance, construction, reconstruction and services have been drawn up strategies and initiatives, but the reality of the case confirms that nothing has been implemented of these important strategies over those years .

Is it enough to say that our economic approach is moving in a sound direction towards the mechanisms of the market economy? Is there transparency and credibility in the data and information issued by the parties related to economic construction in the public and private sectors and to achieve what governments plan Sequentially. Is this approach is really consistent with the conditions in which the country is living? Do we need to lay the foundations, contexts and laws that serve to rebuild the economy according to a new insight. The mobilization of the potential of the State and the private sector in its various activities depends on drawing up a road map and strategy to build the preconditions for the transition to a social market economy, so that the private sector takes the main role in participating in economic management and economic decision-making .

What are the plans and programs and the lines of communication and cooperation between the government and the private sector in the implementation of a strategy that is timed and clear to all sides and is based on a specific central objective as well? We start and how to build our national economy and who builds and how to build its foundations and who in the end led by whether it is the public sector or the private sector and how to reach a vision shared by the administration) especially since the Council of Ministers approved a few days ago the sustainable development plan of the vineOver the next few years .

Therefore, we need a comprehensive national economic reform approach to the construction and management of the economy in line with everything Iraqi core in consciousness, culture, work and history and the bright future, which we see with optimistic eyes means that we work according to the principle (disagree in politics and unite the economy) so I call the blocks that will win the elections to The unification of its economic programs with a national program of economic reform is approved at the first session of the House of Representatives after the election of the next government for Iraq and its people .

* Economic and banking consultant

Central Bank: The distinction between categories of banknotes is a legal offense


From 2018-04-21 at 13:49 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Central Bank of Iraq refused on Saturday to distinguish between categories of banknotes, considering discrimination a legal offense.

“We reject the distinction between the categories of banknotes because they are homogeneous in all categories and have absolute power of divorce and are accepted by the central bank and its branches, banks, institutions and the public,” the central bank said in a statement received by Mawazine News.

“The distinction between categories by imposing a certain category on the public or refusing to accept a certain category is unacceptable and is contrary to the law.”


Re-opening the international road between Fallujah and Ramadi

After rehabilitation of damaged parts …

Ahmad Alqaisee

21/04/2018 – 13:09


Anbar provincial council member Hamid al-Dulaimi announced on Saturday the reopening of the international road between Falluja and Ramadi after the rehabilitation of a large proportion of its damaged parts.

Dulaimi told the correspondent (Basneoz), that «the service departments completed rehabilitation projects for the international road between Fallujah and Ramadi, through the areas of Sager and Shiekh of the province of Saqlawiyah».

He added that «the local government seeks to rehabilitate the rest of the international road linking the districts and areas of Anbar, some of which has been the destruction of a large number of military operations and terrorist over the past years».

Al-Dulaimi pointed out that «the international road was transferred to a US company almost a year ago and did not see any step in the insurance project and rehabilitation of this vital road linking the cities of Anbar, some of them to the three border crossings between Iraq and Syria and Jordan».

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The arrival of the American amount allocated to the Peshmerga to Erbil

– 4/21/2018 1:09:00 AM

Khandan –

Major General Karaman Kamal, Assistant Chief of Staff of Operations in the Ministry of Peshmerga, announced the arrival of the amount allocated by the United States to the Peshmerga, to Erbil.

Maj. Gen. Qaraman Kamal said in a statement to “Khandan” that the American financial amount reached the Kurdistan Bank in Arbil, and will be distributed to the Peshmerga forces this week.

The Peshmerga Affairs Committee announced on Friday that the distribution of salaries of the Ministry of Peshmerga will begin on Monday and Tuesday of this week, while it indicated that part of the salaries of this ministry will be paid according to the old savings system and the other section according to the new savings system.

Shelan Jaafar, head of the Peshmerga Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan, told “Khandan” that the salaries of the defense forces, emergency and Zirvani will be disbursed according to the new salary saving system.

She pointed out that the salaries of the forces (70 and 80) of the Ministry of Peshmerga, will be paid according to the old savings system.

Kurdish deputy: salaries of the region’s employees for the month of February will be disbursed very soon

April 21, 2018


Alsumaria News // Baghdad

confirmed the MP for the Kurdistan Democratic Party Majid Chenkali Saturday that county staff salaries Kurdistan for the month of February will be disbursed very soon , according to the new salary scale, as he pointed to the possibility of delivery of all salaries and termination of the state of compulsory savings in the region in the event of the application of the policy of reform In the coming months.

Shankali said in an interview for Alsumaria News that “the payment of salaries for the month of February for employees of the Kurdistan region will be very soon according to the new salary scale,” noting that “the amounts to be sent, amounting to 317.5 billion from the federal government will be added amounts obtained from imported oil exports Of the Territory and internal imports for distribution as salaries to staff in the Territory “.

“If the new reform policy is implemented in the coming months, we think there is a good possibility of handing over all the salaries to the employees and ending the compulsory savings imposed on them by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) due to insufficient funds allocated to them by the federal government,” he added.

Shankali stressed that “the new salary scale will not be the level of ambition or merit for the staff of the region, but much better than the previous table, but we work according to the existing capabilities until the solution of outstanding problems between the Center and the region to start to grant the entitlements of employees in the region as a whole as employees in the rest of the provinces of Iraq .

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced, on (March 19, 2018), on the arrival of salaries of regional employees of the federal government.

The MP for the Kurdistan Democratic Party (NDP) Najib Najib said on Monday (April 16, 2018) that the amounts provided by the government as salaries to employees of the Kurdistan region “insufficient” to meet the dues of employees of two ministries, noting that there is a deficit exceeding 600 billion dinars salaries between what it needs Territory and the federal government.

arrival of American aid to the Peshmerga

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Shafaq News / A government source said Saturday that the arrival of US financial aid to the Kurdistan Region.

The source told Kurdish media that US financial aid arrived in the province of Kurdistan, and is currently in the city of Arbil preparations for the distribution of members of the Peshmerga forces, without mentioning the size of the United States.

The source added that it is scheduled to be distributed salaries of the Peshmerga forces on Monday and Tuesday, according to the new salary system in the province of Kurdistan.


of Rafidain Bank brings news to the education staff

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Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday the launch of a new payment of five million dinars to the staff of the Directorate of Education Rusafa first and second and the first.

“A new batch of five million dinars has been disbursed to 4,580 employees from the departments of education of Karkh Al-Awla and Al-Rasafa first and second,” the bank’s information office said in a statement.

He explained that the payment was made through the employee’s electronic card after informing him by text message on his phone informing him of the possibility of receiving the advance through his electronic card, which was filled with the amount of the financial advance.