Abadi promises the Iraqi people: We will achieve reconstruction in record time


Release date: 2018/4/20 14:06 • 371 times read
Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi promised the Iraqi people that Iraq’s reconstruction campaign would be “on record”.
“The second victory will be achieved by reconstruction, construction, services, investment, job creation and economic welfare, and there are those who say that it will take a long time, but it is going to happen,” Abadi said during a gathering of tribes and clans in the province of Maysan. They said that our war on the preacher will be long and we have won by a record time, we will achieve the second victory also record. ”
“In the reconstruction campaign there is one enemy, corruption, we must unite in the campaign of reconstruction and fighting corruption,” Abbadi said, adding that “the corrupt people who were terrifying people are terrified.”
“We will continue to pursue gangs that support and crush terrorists,” he said, adding that “yesterday we were ordered to defeat our air forces by launching an air strike in Syria against terrorist gangs.”
He pointed out that “Iraq is leading the campaign against terrorism in the world, and he achieved a miracle by all standards, victory over the urging of a period of time did not expect everyone.”
Al-Abbadi added that “Iraq was in danger of my presence and was able to address and triumph. This victory was not without cost because we paid the cost, where we provided victims when entering the Daash and made sacrifices in the liberation.”
“We want to complete the path of victory,” he said. “But calls for the partition of the country have emerged, but Iraq is stronger and more united than before.”

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