US embassy announces 26 countries to provide 834 million dollars to the Stabilization Fund in Iraq


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Economy News – Baghdad:

The US embassy in Iraq said 26 countries, including the United States, had provided more than $ 834 million to the United Nations Stabilization Fund (SFOR) and to support liberated areas of a pro-Western organization.

“The United States and 25 other donor countries of the International Alliance pledged more than $ 834 million to the UNDP Stabilization Fund to support vital stabilization activities in areas liberated from the control of the United States,” the embassy said in a press release. Urging “

“The representative of US President George W. Bush emphasized the importance of the partners implementing their pledges to ensure full funding for UNDP’s stabilization projects this year, and welcomed the pledges made last month by 24 partners in Kuwait under the auspices of the European Union and the World Bank, 30 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq in the long term. “

The United States is committed to continuing security, political and economic cooperation with Iraq within the framework of the Strategic Framework Agreement between the United States and Iraq. to_

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